I am a writer after all. Sometimes I need a place to express thoughts, feelings, emotions and general insights. This is where I do that.

Peaches, Cream & explicit fumblings.


This might be the most random, impromptu, unedited blog post I've written in a while. IN A LONG WHILE. Like, all of COVID, hold on to your seat. We've gotten right down to business haven't we? Took a pandemic to expand our squinty bifocal lenses and become more wide-eyed - enough to scare us [...]

Peaches, Cream & explicit fumblings.2020-11-09T09:47:00-10:00

One day, because.


A letter to my younger self: ▴ One day you’ll learn that all the ways you thought you were doing well for yourself were actually forms of self sabotage. Then all the ways you were self sabotaging were actually efforts to heal. Read that again.   ▴ One day you’ll learn that certain ways you [...]

One day, because.2020-11-20T11:54:50-10:00

6k Miles


6k miles (the following I read aloud and is posted on my instagram feed, if you'd prefer to hear it there...xo) I ran 6k miles from home. As far as I could. Created a whimsical life for myself, had babies outside, broke norms, planted trees, messed up (a lot), sought love lost love, ingested things [...]

6k Miles2020-11-16T13:45:39-10:00

Coronis – maiden of the woods


⚕︎ I don’t buy bad news. I don’t buy bad news. I don’t buy bad news but I will heed a good story….read on, this is my interpretation of the story of Asclepius, son of Coronis, in honor of mothers day. ⚕︎ In Greek mythology, Asclepius was the son of god, Apollo & nymph, Coronis [...]

Coronis – maiden of the woods2020-11-09T08:38:25-10:00

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