Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here.

Therapeutic Eating™ is a permission slip & an invitation.

I created Therapeutic Eating to bridge “best practices” – ie. foundational self care, daily ritual and commitment to honesty which are the launching pads to self awareness, increased confidence and ultimately, access to deeper healing.

We’re in this together, let’s make it delicious.

“With so many people in the health and wellness industry it can be overwhelming and hard to trust anyone. Katie is as genuine and authentic as they come and I love how she supports her clients (and everyone) into coming into a relationship with themselves. Eating is a way to honor and love yourself. Movement is a way to love and honor ourselves. Through Katie’s support, guidance and suggestions I’ve been able to cultivate a deeper sense of self love resulting in better health, more energy and just feeling better all around. Even on my bad days!” – Lauren Adelman

Honesty is the Root of Recovery

Be Honest

Recovery is not the Destination, it's the path

Peace & Freedom await

Buckwheat Flax bread Recipe

A page from the Therapeutic Eating Cookbook & Guide. Those who work with me receive a free copy.

  • Sacred Self/Life Check List

    • Laundry
    • Clean Fridge
    • Kitchen & dishes (daily)
    • Vacuum (3x weekly)
    • Mop (monthly)
    • Beds made (daily)
    • Shelves dusting
    • Clothes put away
    • Bathroom clean
    • Toys put away
    • Plants watered
    • Counters uncluttered
    • ORDER
  • Food

    • fruits & veggies
    • Plant proteins
    • Soup (weekly)
    • Starches – rice/potatoes
    • Nuts, seeds, legumes
    • Stimulans / herbs/ supplements
  • Self

    • sleep
    • skin & oral hygiene
    • boundaries
    • values
    • sex
    • daily movement
    • sweat hot/cold/infrared
    • quiet time
    • music
    • journaling/self expression
  • Work

    • 30-40 hours a week devoted to being of service, passion, talents & sharing knowledge
    • investments
    • pay bills
  • Relationships

    • therapy
    • honesty
    • calls/texts, lunch & dinner dates
    • outdoor activities
    • clear communication/reflective listening
    • intimacy

What can I say other than Katie is a shooting star spreading love around the world. The dedication to helping others is truly what Katie is all about. There’s no words that can make up how much she’s helped me, I get teary thinking about it. I owe a lot of what I’ve gotten through the last month due to her help. I never so grateful that she has entered my life. I will continue to do therapy with her even when I don’t need it because the truth is I’ll always need it and I need her just the same. My gratitude goes beyond words. – Better Help Client

Therapeutic Eating with Katie Trussell, LMFT

What is Therapeutic Eating? At the end of the day, all the work we do on ourselves will lead us back to the kitchen – the place we nourish our intentions. Once our intentions become action, we’ll see how our efforts were fueled by the conscious decisions we made along the way. Food matters, it always has, it always will and while food isn’t my primary focus in all the work I do, I wouldn’t be here had I not recovered from my own afflictions with addiction.

I see individuals, couples and teens both in person and online. I offer 1:1 therapy, groups and workshops as well as provide food and cooking demonstrations for retreats. Everything we do starts with our health. I believe you are here to revere the body that walks you through this incredible life you’ve been gifted! Often a simple tweak in perspective or utilizing your therapy sessions as a mirror into your subconscious can move mountains. It takes courage! Thank you for trusting me – I can’t wait to support you.

“Katie Trussell is a skilled healer with a deep understanding of the body and mind connection. She speaks with compassion from her own experiences. She can guide a person entrenched in a rigid belief system to realize a more conscious and mindful relationship with themselves.” – Margaret Lumm

Connect with me

I work with: Individuals, Couples + Teens

I specialize in: Women’s issues, Addiction, Health & Lifestyle, Food & Eating Disorders, Parenting, Intimacy, Stress/Anxiety/Depression, Psychedelics

Modalities I practice: Solution Focused, Narrative, IFS, EFT, CBT, DBT, Existential, Feminist & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy + ESA letters upon request

Private Chef Work: I provide plant based meals for yoga retreats and mindfulness based workshops. Please inquire with me for further details.