// Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here.
⏚ Desiderata.

Disordered eating, depression, anxiety, and a body we loath are not life sentences. If you struggle with these, like I have, there is so much here for you. As Esther Hicks said perfectly in her 3 part interview series with Oprah:

“hope is burdensome when made heavy by its companion = fear of failing.” So then what’s beyond hope and fear?

Misinformed media, highly corporatized agendas and minimized trauma have caused confusion about our most basic virtue: The right to feel confident in our own skin.

If you’re ready to begin healing from within, please join me on a journey of Wild Unabashed Bravery.

“With so many people in the health and wellness industry it can be overwhelming and hard to trust anyone. Katie is as genuine and authentic as they come and I love how she supports her clients (and everyone) into coming into a relationship with themselves. Eating is a way to honor and love yourself. Movement is a way to love and honor ourselves. Through Katie’s support, guidance and suggestions I’ve been able to cultivate a deeper sense of self love resulting in better health, more energy and just feeling better all around. Even on my bad days!” – Lauren Adelman

Therapeutic Eating™

Therapeutic Eating teaches to align Intentions with Actions. Learn how to navigate using compass-ion and commit to feeling good – knowing there’s no greater way of attracting what it is that you want. By using Therapeutic Eating as a map you cultivate what I call gut consciousness. Eating and therapy are inseparable – overcoming blocks and limitations through mindfulness, forgiveness and a little bit of rebellion bring invocation to the spark within. We’re going to have fun, travel deep, feel delicious & reap satisfaction. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Your Body is a Mantra

“Katie’s TE is a breath of fresh air. It gives you permission to break-up with diet culture and transform your overall diet habits. It gives you the freedom to explore your relationship with food without judgment or fear of failure.” – Erin Haag

The 6 Principles of Therapeutic Eating™


Feelings & Taste
Eat what both feels and tastes good, you’ll know if you’re making concessions.


If you’re unsatisfied in your diet, you will compensate elsewhere. It’s never selfish to put your body first.


Label Lockdown
Labels are limiting. You can eat all the veggies and fruits without calling yourself “a vegan.”


Play & Sweat
Movement is connection. Sweat is godly. Until exercise is revered for its mental benefits, it will never be revered for its physical ones.


Don't change, evolve
Change is determined by self love. You’re on a continuum, you can’t get it wrong.



Eating is a spiritual practice, not a religion. Food has no moral value (right/wrong, good/bad) but the standard American fare is not neutral (it’s fatal). Eat what nurtures & nourishes your intentions – not what is allowable by a belief system.

Body Reset!

The 10-Day Quarterly Body Reset

Full disclosure, the Body Reset was born of Tequila and Chocolate Cake. The 10 day Therapeutic Eating™ reset is a non-punitive way to evoke self love and target behavioral change. It’s amazing what can happen in just 10 days – the end of every reset is always some kind of new beginning! With accountability we can sow the seeds of sharpened self awareness. Join me every quarter for delicious, inventive and cleansing meals that will carry you through your life in a body you revere.

The Quarterly Body Reset happens: February 1 // May 1 // August 1 // November 1

10-Day Body Reset with Katie Trussell
10-Day Body Reset with Katie Trussell

The Blog

Humans are hard wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain and conserve energy. We all deserve the kind of nourishment that prevents illness and promotes wellness. ​Feeling good is our birth right. At the end of the day we always come home to ourselves. My unsolicited advice is to furnish your home with kindness, presence and connection. ​Below is a collection of simple recipes and personal insights I compile on a regular basis to assist you on your journey to Therapeutic Eating™.

Katie Trussell Recipes

Therapeutic Eating with Katie Trussell

While I advocate for a lifestyle rich with color & diversity, discovering what you love is a dedicated practice of curiosity. Let this be a reminder that loving the process is a natural & necessary step to loving your body and figuring out what foods work best for your energy. When our intentions are clear, such as “I want to feel good,” then making decisions about what to eat falls into alignment with those intentions. I will suggest you give yourself the gamut, choose alternatives to conventional ingredients like dairy and gluten & buffer your meals with foundational foods like potatoes, brown rice & beans and adorn them with lots of veggies. If this is a process and a relationship you’d like to hone, consider working with me 1:1 in person or virtually. I have a number of programs, from my Cookbook & Quarterly Resets to my 60 day Therapeutic Eating Transformation. I believe you are here to revere the body that walks you through this incredible life you’ve been gifted!

“Katie Trussell is a skilled healer with a deep understanding of the body and mind connection. She speaks with compassion from her own experiences with nutrition and eating disorders. She can guide a person entrenched in the diet mentality to realize conscious and mindful relationships with food.” – Margaret Lumm

Let’s do the work

“I believe the bedrock of healing becomes the birth place of nourishment – which blossoms into skill building – gets colored by self awareness – and fashions glorious new horizons.”

Katie Trussell

Inspire simply.

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