My Buckwheat FlaxBread, V/GF


Thick slices of the bread in the air fryer is my new favorite digs. So Simple: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Ingredients: 3 cups buckwheat flour 1.5 cups flaxmeal Large pinch of salt 1 Tbsp baking powder Method: Mix all of the dry ingredients Add water in 1 cup amounts at first then adjust slightly [...]

My Buckwheat FlaxBread, V/GF2021-09-07T23:47:44-10:00

The Forgiveness Crutch


I know when I'm at my best, or at least when I'm proud of how I feel. I know when it's time for important lessons despite begrudgingly accepting the fate of pain and sometimes regret or remorse (both quite toxic feelings). I know when I'm in a vulnerable place regardless of temptation. Batting its seductive [...]

The Forgiveness Crutch2021-09-07T23:07:54-10:00

Carbohydrates and why they make most women BETTER.


Once upon a time I tuned into a doctor say, "carbohydrates are a non-essential macronutrient." Without fat & protein we die, but without carbohydrates we simply live on and live without. This is because, despite the brain preferring glucose for fuel, it can - if it has to - survive off of ketones. This got [...]

Carbohydrates and why they make most women BETTER.2021-09-11T21:09:06-10:00

The Therapeutic Journey


Aloha friend - ever thought to yourself…Weight loss is temporary. Eventually our bodies hit a plateau and that “thing” we worked so consistently toward just kind of evens out - well then what? If the only way we experience success is by going up and down the scale then we may never quite learn the [...]

The Therapeutic Journey2021-09-02T15:39:13-10:00

I’m writing a cookbook – Here’s a sneak peak!


Once upon a time I said I'd never do this. I told myself and my audience that writing a cookbook would not be a pursuit, not an eventual one, not an imminent one, just not one I'd partake in. Too many cooks in the kitchen ya know? But, really Katie, why? So many delicious recipes, [...]

I’m writing a cookbook – Here’s a sneak peak!2021-08-26T05:42:12-10:00

The Emotional Body – the Good, Bad and the Constant


The August Reset is complete. It's wiggle time. So what does that mean? Each quarter I design these resets based off of the previous one - what worked, what didn't, what could use refining. I don't simply change them based on the "hard" days because quite frankly, cleansing is hard. Living without vices is hard. [...]

The Emotional Body – the Good, Bad and the Constant2021-08-26T06:14:15-10:00

It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Body Reset!


  Howdy friend! Well if 2020 wasn’t enough, how’s the transition been into ‘21? To be honest, I’m humbled every time I reflect on what’s behind us because I know that what transpired fuels my steps ahead. Can you relate? If it wasn’t for the Body Reset, for me personally ( I recognize I’m biased!) [...]

It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Body Reset!2021-07-01T10:56:43-10:00

Defining Yourself, Defining your Hunger


It’s important to understand our hunger - because when we don’t we end up feeding our bodies not from our hunger but from our lack of understanding. Let me explain.  I ask how you define your hunger because at one stage in my early life I didn’t know how to define mine. I didn’t know [...]

Defining Yourself, Defining your Hunger2021-08-26T05:46:56-10:00

3 Diet Trends That Actually Work (but there’s a kicker).


These days all ways of eating fall under a basic category. Every diet that has surfaced emulates a way someone has eaten and the program they've designed around it - they may be a doctor or someone who has simply mastered weight loss, muscle growth, living long (or the observance of centennials such as The [...]

3 Diet Trends That Actually Work (but there’s a kicker).2021-06-17T22:19:25-10:00

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