I am a writer after all. Sometimes I need a place to express thoughts, feelings, emotions and general insights. This is where I do that.

Really helpful things to do when going through something terrible.


I had the hardest week to date. Debilitating bad news. Walls caved in. Broken. Rage. Sadness. Fear.....the worst of it, shame. Some of the things I began doing to remediate myself were a given, others might seem weird, some you might fight or avoid all together...but I promise if you in the LEAST open your [...]

Really helpful things to do when going through something terrible.2023-11-10T21:09:11-10:00

Eating Disorders & Attachment Style


Eating disorders & Attachment style 4 Reasons why those with Insecure Attachment develop eating disorders 1. Emotional dysregulation 2. Inaccurate self-beliefs 3. Perfectionism 4. Reduced mindfulness Let’s get specific. Here’s a breakdown of each Insecure Attachment Style and how they impact someone’s eating: I. The Anxiously/Preoccupied attached: expect to be rejected or abandoned by those [...]

Eating Disorders & Attachment Style2023-10-28T15:57:48-10:00

A consensual social platform


Medicine was discovered and patented to help ease pain and profit from exponentially. Unlike food which is both healing and destructive, social media is often compared to dopaminergic drugs that contribute to cycles of addiction. As opiates, nicotine and alcohol will never be non habit forming, social media will never be coined, "medicinal." So the [...]

A consensual social platform2023-09-04T13:19:39-10:00

Eating more is more


Why eat more? I'm very passionate about eating more, enjoying food and making minimal concessions. However it's not without skill - mindful, intentional, playful skill, which is why I find it crucial that you come here not just for recipes but for visual inspiration. I'd be lying by omission if I didn't tell you the [...]

Eating more is more2023-08-21T21:11:49-10:00

How to speak nicely to yourself without lying.


You've learned that speaking to yourself kindly is one important aspect of self healing. You know that your thoughts and words can interfere with how much better or worse you perceive yourself. You understand that self deprecation and self sabotage start with those silent utterances in your head before they become manifest...you're also not dumb. [...]

How to speak nicely to yourself without lying.2023-12-02T19:38:42-10:00

How food impacts us emotionally.


Plant based foods healed my skin, my gut & my relationship to my body. I had to ask myself, as a therapist and passionate foodie - how does food impact us emotionally? It goes without saying the entire reason this website exists is because I have an emotional connection to the topic of food [...]

How food impacts us emotionally.2023-07-30T12:48:58-10:00

The NEW 5 day reset


Aloha everyone! I'm resetting monthly now. Whoop. I'm excited to see how this evolves since the monthly 5 day  reset was born from the 10 day quarterly reset which was conceived just 4 years ago after a fateful encounter with tequila, chocolate cake and my sons 4th birthday. If that wasn't a mouthful... Are you [...]

The NEW 5 day reset2023-07-20T17:28:55-10:00

Eat BIG – High Volume eating


In this post I outline generic foods/food groups and help you to understand the caloric impact of some everyday consumption patterns. Once you gain basic sense of this knowledge it'll help you navigate what to eat (based on your health goals). Remember, food doesn't contain moral value but Doritos vs. Grapes is not a neutral comparison.  [...]

Eat BIG – High Volume eating2023-07-19T17:11:58-10:00

My Breast Augmentation Journey


Aloha & welcome to my breast augmentation story. I'm starting with the basics, then how I documented the process (the videos I'm saving for YouTube) including week by week photos and a chart which breaks down what I did and ate every day of the first 10 days. Then I include insights. I also get [...]

My Breast Augmentation Journey2023-07-12T17:04:10-10:00

Aging gracefully, a whole body approach


Earths Pull No matter what - gravity will work its magic on all of us. The earth pulls us in - toward her center - its a beckoning. Heaven and earth are playing a tug of war on us. Let's participate. See what a simple cognitive reframe can do? The adage is, "gravity will take [...]

Aging gracefully, a whole body approach2023-06-07T21:34:44-10:00


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