Gut consciousness is something we cultivate. It’s something we hone. Our gut consciousness is what speaks to us when something feels great or isn’t quite right. It’s not all about food – but about intuition and instinct. It’s not established overnight, but through a process of meeting the person we bring to the table, learning about our patterns of behavior and thought and getting honest about what it is we really want.

The Body Reset Reveals


I have bragging rights : the body reset was born of Tequila and Chocolate Cake. Oh, and anger. Lots of rage. Yes. It's been three years since the commencement of the Body Reset and to say I'm proud is an understatement. I woke up the day after my son's 4th birthday - and 3 months [...]

The Body Reset Reveals2022-08-29T20:03:09-10:00

But are you eating enough?


The cat's outta the bag. Let's talk about the food we should all be eating... But first. To be clear: this isn't about shame. This isn't about guilt. This isn't about getting it right or not. This isn't about anything that comes to mind when we hear (or read) the word: should. This is about [...]

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Ingredients & Method: 1.5 cups of raw (unsalted, unroasted) cashews Cover cashews in filtered water Soak for 2 hours or overnight Add soaked cashews to a blender and cover to the 4 cup mark Add a pinch of Himalayan salt Blend on *high until smooth, about 30 seconds Pour into a quart sized jar - [...]

Homemade Cashew Milk – THE EASIST PLANT MILK YOU’LL EVER MAKE2021-11-13T08:33:28-10:00

The Therapeutic Journey


Aloha friend - ever thought to yourself…Weight loss is temporary. Eventually our bodies hit a plateau and that “thing” we worked so consistently toward just kind of evens out - well then what? If the only way we experience success is by going up and down the scale then we may never quite learn the [...]

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I’m writing a cookbook – Here’s a sneak peak!


Once upon a time I said I'd never do this. I told myself and my audience that writing a cookbook would not be a pursuit, not an eventual one, not an imminent one, just not one I'd partake in. Too many cooks in the kitchen ya know? But, really Katie, why? So many delicious recipes, [...]

I’m writing a cookbook – Here’s a sneak peak!2021-08-26T05:42:12-10:00

It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Body Reset!


  Howdy friend! Well if 2020 wasn’t enough, how’s the transition been into ‘21? To be honest, I’m humbled every time I reflect on what’s behind us because I know that what transpired fuels my steps ahead. Can you relate? If it wasn’t for the Body Reset, for me personally ( I recognize I’m biased!) [...]

It’s the ONE YEAR anniversary of the Body Reset!2021-07-01T10:56:43-10:00

Defining Yourself, Defining your Hunger


It’s important to understand our hunger - because when we don’t we end up feeding our bodies not from our hunger but from our lack of understanding. Let me explain.  I ask how you define your hunger because at one stage in my early life I didn’t know how to define mine. I didn’t know [...]

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This was the February Body Reset


Click to Watch & Listen to this blog post - I want to take a special moment to pay homage to the personal quest. The one we can only go on when we make uncomfortable changes. The one we can only learn from through peeling back the cozy blankets. The one we can only [...]

This was the February Body Reset2021-02-13T11:04:00-10:00

Healthy Obsessions


Few obsessions are actually healthy but let's be honest - most of us obsess about something and once we're done obsessing about one thing, we obsess about another. Alcohol addiction becomes addiction to carbonated water. Cigarette addiction becomes addiction to lollipops. Food addiction becomes addiction to diets (we misplace God for Vegan cheese, that kinda [...]

Healthy Obsessions2021-01-13T18:59:05-10:00

The next Body Reset is scheduled for November 1!


The next Body Reset is scheduled for November 1! Hey hey! 3 months to the day! When I did my first body reset I thought to myself - dang I feel good - I should do this quarterly. Then boom. Here I am planning for my next reset not because I feel anything [...]

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