Gut consciousness is something we cultivate. It’s something we hone. Our gut consciousness is what speaks to us when something feels great or isn’t quite right. It’s not all about food – but about intuition and instinct. It’s not established overnight, but through a process of meeting the person we bring to the table, learning about our patterns of behavior and thought and getting honest about what it is we really want.

Let’s talk DIETING & weight loss.


A recent chat with a client: "Give me some insight into what your daily intake looks like - food journal style: And would u say that’s your usual?  Is there any particular day or times that u struggle to maintain that routine?  Nights/weekends?  Whats your movement like?" Most diets present as wholesome but it’s the [...]

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Vegan Dining in Honolulu


I'm only listing the places I go to - this is NOT an exhaustive list of Honolulu vegan dining. You can see YELP for that. I only want to guide you to places I dine at regularly that way I'm giving you my authentic experience/opinion. I've pinned this to my blog so I can continue [...]

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Eating Disorders & Attachment Style


Watch my Youtube video here - basically all the information I include in this post but summarized Eating disorders & Attachment style 4 Reasons why those with Insecure Attachment develop eating disorders 1. Emotional dysregulation 2. Inaccurate self-beliefs 3. Perfectionism 4. Reduced mindfulness Let’s get specific. Here’s a breakdown of each Insecure Attachment [...]

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A consensual social platform


Medicine was discovered and patented to help ease pain and profit from exponentially. Unlike food which is both healing and destructive, social media is often compared to dopaminergic drugs that contribute to cycles of addiction. As opiates, nicotine and alcohol will never be non habit forming, social media will never be coined, "medicinal." So the [...]

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Maca Bee Pollen Carob Energy Treats


Dates, Oats, Carob, Maca, Sea Salt, Vanilla & Bee Pollen - an antioxidant powerhouse of a TREAT! Read below for all the health benefits I've packed into these bite size bits and how you can make this delicious treat too! xo Katie Ingredients: 20 pitted medjool dates 3/4 cup raw oats 3 Tbsp Carob Powder [...]

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Eating more is more


Why eat more? I'm very passionate about eating more, enjoying food and making minimal concessions. However it's not without skill - mindful, intentional, playful skill, which is why I find it crucial that you come here not just for recipes but for visual inspiration. I'd be lying by omission if I didn't tell you the [...]

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How to speak nicely to yourself without lying.


You've learned that speaking to yourself kindly is one important aspect of self healing. You know that your thoughts and words can interfere with how much better or worse you perceive yourself. You understand that self deprecation and self sabotage start with those silent utterances in your head before they become're also not dumb. [...]

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How food impacts us emotionally.


Plant based foods healed my skin, my gut & my relationship to my body. I had to ask myself, as a therapist and passionate foodie - how does food impact us emotionally? It goes without saying the entire reason this website exists is because I have an emotional connection to the topic of food [...]

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The NEW 5 day reset


Aloha everyone! I'm resetting monthly now. Whoop. I'm excited to see how this evolves since the monthly 5 day  reset was born from the 10 day quarterly reset which was conceived just 4 years ago after a fateful encounter with tequila, chocolate cake and my sons 4th birthday. If that wasn't a mouthful... Are you [...]

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