Therapeutic Eating is the fusion of intuitive eating and the therapeutic process. It encourages self awareness along with the experience of eating so we can feed all of us, not just our cravings. Much of the time how and what we choose to eat comes from a knee-jerk reaction to life’s stress, past wounds and fluctuations. Tapping gut consciousness and instilling therapeutic eating allows us to really feel into what it is we want while maintaining a sense of alignment.

Q&A: Common Food Myths Debunked and the Research Back it (Meat, Dairy & Eggs)


I was given a list of the following questions to answer as to why a plant based diet may trump a meat/dairy based one. Morally, I don't like pushing anyone in any particular direction when it comes to food. Therapeutically, I 100% believe foregoing Dairy, Meat & Gluten support our bodies in healing, improved digestion, [...]

Q&A: Common Food Myths Debunked and the Research Back it (Meat, Dairy & Eggs)2022-06-08T17:22:03-10:00

Green Papaya Salad – Easy Rendition!


I researched high and low for a Vegan Green Papaya Salad dressing recipe. I couldn't find one so I created one. That - in my mind - is the only solution. Green papaya is loaded with health benefits, some of which include being an awesome digestive aid, improving wound healing, improving lactation in mothers & [...]

Green Papaya Salad – Easy Rendition!2022-05-24T20:23:53-10:00

Meal Prep is a metaphor in action


And here I was about to write some long winded rant about how meal prep is over rated. Only for A-types, not me (although I do appreciate a solid plan). Best I just eat my words. When I imagine meal prepping I see piles of Tupperware, pre-portion measurements and exacting ingredients - which makes my [...]

Meal Prep is a metaphor in action2022-04-12T06:33:37-10:00

New! Monthly Dinner & Discussion


Come for the dinner, stay for the discussion. New to Therapeutic Eating™ Once Monthly on Wednesdays I'll be offering a Dinner & Discussion from 5-8 pm replete with a fully Plant Based meal, tea & dessert followed by heart & mind enhancing group discussion on topics such as: Intimacy & Sexual Health Energy & Vitality [...]

New! Monthly Dinner & Discussion2022-03-28T10:13:42-10:00

Fuel your desires, feed your appetite.


I don’t want to make generalizations here but I do wish to debunk some of the bigger assumptions we make when it comes to our hunger. We assume hunger is a pang in our belly. We assume hunger is a drive for food. We assume hunger is a concrete space we fill until it wears [...]

Fuel your desires, feed your appetite.2022-03-06T13:45:50-10:00

Nutritional Sobriety


Nutritional Sobriety - I wrote this for a local AA Newsletter because I was asked to apply the same principals of sobriety to recovering from disordered eating and body dysmorphia.  ... Sobriety. We often associate sobriety and abstinence with substances like heroin, alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamine. Sobriety eludes to ingesting substances that intoxicate our senses. Less often [...]

Nutritional Sobriety2022-01-24T15:07:25-10:00

The power of hindsight


We've talked about forgiveness before and we're going to talk about it again. Why? Because hindsight is ALWAYS 2020. I should have. Could have. Would have. If you're joking now like hindsight is also "2021" as if this year hasn't been crazy enough - I'm with you. It's historical. Is it over yet? Hindsight is [...]

The power of hindsight2021-12-12T08:14:12-10:00



Don’t rush to make up your mind. Knee jerk decision making keeps us stuck across the board. With food, with relationships, with our work. Knee jerk assumptions based on “having to fill the gap” now because I don’t like the discomfort of the space this creates in my life is like plugging a hole where [...]


But are you eating enough?


The cat's outta the bag. Let's talk about the food we should all be eating... But first. To be clear: this isn't about shame. This isn't about guilt. This isn't about getting it right or not. This isn't about anything that comes to mind when we hear (or read) the word: should. This is about [...]

But are you eating enough?2021-11-17T19:51:01-10:00


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