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Gut Consciousness


Hormones and Microbiomes. We have arrived. We are here. This is it. We understand so much more than we ever did thanks to innovation, curiosity - the unwavering and unrelenting minds of people alive watching people live half dead - with interest - and laboratories. We are the ultimate animal, control as we know it [...]

Gut Consciousness2020-10-08T08:24:17-10:00

chia mama-mia


fool proof any body's recipe ease simple nourishment playful kid-like ready? 2 Tbsp Chia Seed 1 Tbsp Maple Syrup place in a pretty cup, jar or mug and fill 1/2 way with your favorite alternative milk, I use macnut or almond on most occasions add a couple handfuls of blueberries until the fruit fills the [...]

chia mama-mia2020-11-09T08:08:43-10:00

Watermelon Seed Milk – lazy simple smart


A quick welcome to Watermelon Seed Butter. A new plant protein and super food to the street. Heya. Imagine all those black seeds going to waste the next time you buy a watermelon - though from what I've read you can't just take the black seeds and grind them up. You have to shed the [...]

Watermelon Seed Milk – lazy simple smart2020-11-09T08:09:56-10:00

Bell Pepper Boats with Walnut Hemp Paté


Fancy up people! With this SUPER simple 3 ingredient pate: Walnuts Hemp Hearts Apple Cider Vinegar and if you count the bit of salt and pepper -5 ingredients. In the bowl of your Cuisinart or food processor combine: 1. 5 cups of whole walnuts 1/2 cup of hemp hearts 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar Process [...]

Bell Pepper Boats with Walnut Hemp Paté2020-11-09T08:35:24-10:00

Latest vlog recipes


Hey my dear. Gosh. If there is one thing I can teach you about Therapeutic Eating it is this: therapeutic courage, therapeutic risk taking, therapeutic bravery, therapeutic you-can't-get-it-wrong-because-you're-never-done. It's all therapy guys/gals. It just is. When you show up to your kitchen and just play and tinker with ingredients - when you approach your life [...]

Latest vlog recipes2020-11-09T08:18:47-10:00

Coronis – maiden of the woods


⚕︎ I don’t buy bad news. I don’t buy bad news. I don’t buy bad news but I will heed a good story….read on, this is my interpretation of the story of Asclepius, son of Coronis, in honor of mothers day. ⚕︎ In Greek mythology, Asclepius was the son of god, Apollo & nymph, Coronis [...]

Coronis – maiden of the woods2020-11-09T08:38:25-10:00

Coffee Creamer – now you know


Does anyone out there resent expensive alternative creamer coagulation more than me? (E'hem...aka nut pods, almond milk, soy milk etc...) I love my mornings *that much and getting between me and my first bevy is a big annoyance and a no no. Which is why you gotta try this java game changer. Plus it'll soften [...]

Coffee Creamer – now you know2020-11-09T08:21:02-10:00



Ever heard of a diet that shuns fruit? Ya. Big red flag. Big. Fruit Bowls are life. Consider making this trail mix and top it on all your salads or eat it as is - if you wanna be a true hippy that is - as an alternative to generic cereal. Consider chopped fruit like [...]



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