I won’t bore you with details of personal insight or what we did…rather, I’ll get to the most important part. What I made to celebrate #37 (and farewell to the hardest year of my life to date) and what I ate. Goodness knows this was my gesture to waking up to the first day of the rest of my life. Enjoy and shoot me a message if you have any questions.

First – started with coffee. Sorry no photos here. Precious moments can’t be interrupted. At least not all of them. I slabbed some thin slices of cucumber on my face and placed them around my eyes (half moons), on my T-zone and around my mouth. All the important places. If you don’t know – now you know. Cucumber is incredibly hydrating. If you’re dealing with dry – agey looking skin – do this and stay tuned for more on skincare, click to subscribe.

Second & onward -sweaty workout. It was a must


Dino Kale



Probiotic powder



~ blend


PB2 // Cacao // Oat bites:

1/4 cup raw oats

3 Tbsp pb2 unsweetened peanut powder

2-3 Tbsp cacao powder

2 Tbsp maple syrup

pinch of salt

water to thin to a thick, dough like consistency. Roll in your hands and form into balls. Eat as is or refrigerate for later. Yum.

Played all the live long day – like dolphins – at Ala Moana Beach Park. Nicest beach day in a long time. Didn’t bring phone or camera intentionally to be as present as possible. Of course that part of me that loves to share tidbits of life felt like that was a mistake…but there will be more pristine days. My bday didn’t need to be inundated with camera lenses in my or my children’s faces.

Carrot Cake

forgive me – I barely measured this and I know it looks pretty but I dare you – I DARE YOU – to explore doing more of this (which I’ll explain) as I plant seeds of Therapeutic Eating in your innocent brain.

The base was: Almond Flour, Flaxmeal 5:1 ratio, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Monk Fruit, Sea Salt, Almond Milk, Apple Cider vinegar and of course, Shredded Carrots.

The frosting was: 1 can of coconut cream, 3 soaked dates + soaking liquid (water), 4 large chunks of pineapple, almond milk and chia seeds. Blended

One of the foundations of eating therapeutically is to be adventurous, explorative, willing to try new things and be unabashedly non-judgemental of yourself. I tinker with a lot of alternative ingredients. I rarely know what I’m going to get and I’m always open to trying something even if it was a total fail. Once we start working with “templates” then the process takes care of itself and you just pick the ingredients. You’ll begin to fine to your taste-radar and make wonderful things that surprise you. The most important thing is you begin with simple ingredients. Unadulterated whole foods. And a loving open mind.

Things I would have changed: more spice – nutmeg, ginger, more cinnamon, added a gluten free flour blend (rather than all almond flour), dates instead of monk fruit or tried coconut sugar.

Black Rice Sushi

Nori sheets

Black Sticky Rice + I added some quinoa I had also cooked so it was a blend of the two

Romaine – rolled and chopped

Bell Pepper – long thin slices

Cucumber – long thin slices

Avocado – sliced thinly

~ rolled

Sauce: Sunbutter (sugar, added oil free) & Thai Sweet Chili Sauce (1:4 ratio) ~ Mix


That’s it!!

Next time you have a birthday – how do you want to feel? What do you want to manifest? What you say, do, feel and the thoughts you think set the stage for what’s to come (let’s not forget that the majority of it will be out of our control – except for how we nourish ourselves <— that is always something forever & always you’ll get to plan for and decide) XOXO