A quick welcome to Watermelon Seed Butter. A new plant protein and super food to the street. Heya. Imagine all those black seeds going to waste the next time you buy a watermelon – though from what I’ve read you can’t just take the black seeds and grind them up. You have to shed the outer layer first which reveals the white innards which then get ground into a thick paste …WHICH requires machinery I won’t be investing in any time soon.

Watermelon Seed Butter boasts:

8 grams of protein per 2 Tbsp serving

Omega 3 fatty acids – ALA’s, alpha linolenic acid


Unsaturated fat

Essential minerals: Zinc, Iron and Magnesium


My honest review?

While I prefer almond butter and tahini for the taste I’m excited to play with my new friend, WSB. She’s got a bit of an attitude and she takes on flavors well. She’s not shy. Especially when mixed with other foods like this bangin’ banana seed milk I made in my most recent vlog (not yet published – soon! gah). So I’m totally hand in hand with her because I’m not shy either.

This little niche of a brand, Dastony, is only one of a couple that is barely booming on product shelves yet. You may only be able to find it online or at a specialty health food store. To be honest a friend gave this to me so I haven’t had to shop for it but the word on the street is that this 8 oz jar costs about $12. I think it’s worth it..

The next time you go to buy a huge box of nut or seed milk containers consider the idea of blending a Tbsp of nut or seed butter with your favorite fruit and blending it with water then pouring it over your cereal – or in my case – trail mix and raw oats. It packs a nutritional punch and saves on unnecessary packaged goods.

xo kT

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