Does anyone out there resent expensive alternative creamer coagulation more than me? (E’hem…aka nut pods, almond milk, soy milk etc…)

I love my mornings *that much and getting between me and my first bevy is a big annoyance and a no no. Which is why you gotta try this java game changer. Plus it’ll soften the load on your wallet the next time you go to purchase a $5/$6, 8 oz containers of stuff that’s loaded with guar gums, carrageenan, added oils, sugars and flavors. The total cost of this is probably $3-$4 and lasts at least 3x as long. Once you realize how simple it is to sub out ingredients and make things from home you’ll start (maybe) questioning other simple alternatives …


1 can of unsweetened coconut cream – or full fat coconut milk

2 cups of unsweetened almond milk

Mix in a jar

Store in the fridge


xo kT

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