Hormones and Microbiomes. We have arrived. We are here. This is it. We understand so much more than we ever did thanks to innovation, curiosity – the unwavering and unrelenting minds of people alive watching people live half dead – with interest – and laboratories. We are the ultimate animal, control as we know it is an illusion and no matter what we, the unabated answer seekers that we are, continue to reign it in.

Walking zombies no more

We know too much

We are too inseparable

We’re too connected

My whole perception of health completely shifted when I learned that Gut health isn’t a one size fits all prescriptive. No. Quite the contrary. Because your gut is comprised of a different balance of microbes than mine – which means each of our Rx’s will also look different.

Levels of stress,

Pill popping,

Baby carrying,


Consumption habits

EVERYTHING. Impacts. How. You. And. I. Should. Be. Healing.

And yet – we LOVE love love to toss people on opposing sides of the barricade and decipher which diet and lifestyle is good and godly and which one is not. We have to wake up to this! We have to see that one person’s medicine is anthers’ poison – we have to otherwise we will continue to get sick and sick people make really shitty, no pun intended, decisions – so ultimately what we’re really trying to heal are people’s deciphering habits right? Which begins and ends with becoming conscious.

So…sure, there are a few basics that apply to everyone. Let’s cover those briefly:

Everyone should be without a doubt:

Drinking water

Sleeping upwards of 8 hours

Practicing deep breathing

Avoiding high levels of unnecessary stress

Avoiding processed foods – refined flour, sugar, boxed juices, additives, corn/soy derivatives, heavy metals, factory farmed inhumanely raised animals…

Surrounding themselves with loving, kind, supportive people (community is everything)

But what everyone should NOT being doing unanimously is:

assuming one diet works for the lot of humanity

avoiding eating animal protein at all costs

stuffing grains and beans down our gullets (if they work for you – great – eat them – if they don’t – no, by all means, don’t)

eating all fruit (fruitarianism)

eating all kale (kale-ism)

popping aminos and powders as a means of dietary stability

Growing Gut Consciousness, whether you know the exact balance of bacteria in your body or don’t, is HEAVILY reliant on being a good listener. And good listeners we are – astute followers of guidance outside of our own bodies – but I’m talking more about refining the listening skills that go much much deeper within ones own reservoirs. Consciousness is beyond basic thought. It’s a subtle skill but absolutely invaluable and takes some honing but is not impossible. How can you begin?

  1. slow down
  2. reflect on your physical and emotional feelings
  3. react minimally if at all for a while – and as you reduce your level of reactivity – begin watching what it is you have knee-jerk reactions to
  4. hold your belly with your right hand while simultaneously holding your heart with your left – breathe
  5. begin noticing what activities, foods, conversations, people, places and things cause you to expand and which ones cause you to contract
  6. review your pantries, hydrator drawers, fridge, shelves and ask yourself – does this give me an overall sense of joy and make me feel good or does it not?
  7. Book your 10 sessions with me and begin eating Therapeutically

I’d like to say that after a lifetime of assessing what foods work for me and what don’t that I have a pretty keen sense of my own inner being – however nothing may ever be as exacting as what companies like VIOME have set out to do. They have LITERALLY gone beyond what any doctor has been able to which is to actually measure your level of gut bacteria and see what is truly out of whack and what foods serve you and which don’t for optimum health. For a full read on my experience thus far with VIOME, read here, and for your $10 discount code, click here. Never again will I tell you or anyone I care about exactly what to eat without knowing what is going on in your microbiome – if I was a tried and true doctor – I would require that you invest in this Gut Intelligence test before we proceed to talking food at all. I’m that serious.

So now that I’ve poured out some passion, I’ll tell you what I’m doing to heal my own gut which means I’m healing my body//mind and refining my personal gut consciousness. It all started with

  1. getting honest about what foods cause me discomfort –
  2. taking my viome test
  3. nourishing my gut – despite my animal saving ways – if I neglect to care for my body responsibly I do NO GOOD for the lot of humanity including all sentient beings – ya dig?

My personal healing protocol has included –

Bone Broth

Collagen Peptides from Grass Fed Bovine sources

Steaming the majority of veggies I consume

Sticking to foods that generally feel really good and avoiding ones that don’t

That means I’ve *sat* with my body and gotten honest with her intentions for my highest well being and listened to her whisper in my ear what to consume and what not to. She’s a badass by the way. So is your inner being.

What has happened as a result? My skin has cleared, inflammation and bloating are a thing of the past, my energy is optimum and my mind is expansive. *All tell tail signs that I’m moving and shaking in the right direction.

If you’ve tapped your gut consciousness and begun the process of refining and you know for a fact that bone broths and soup stocks feeling yummy and fulfilling. Here are some of what I’ve done to heed my inner knowings’ call:

Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot:

2 zucchini chopped

1 whole white onion

2 carrots chopped

1 Whole Organic Pasture Raised Air Chilled Chicken – innards removed

1 whole lemon – cut in half and stuffed inside the chicken


Mrs. Dash

Water – 1.5 cups

Get everything in there.

Set to Poultry setting.

Allow to cook away.

Remove all bones and the majority of skin – this takes a little while but it’s pretty satisfying

Eat to your health.

As for continued gut support:

Whole Milk Yogurt – I’m not promoting that people consume dairy (at all) products on the regular but ones loaded with cultures and natural strains of probiotics can be very nourishing to the gut. Yogurt and cottage cheese are a couple of them. Kefir is another.

I’ve begun taking a small amount of Whole Milk Yogurt with raw honey, berries and nuts as a snack or late breakfast because the process of making yogurt changes the lactose in the dairy and can actually be beneficial to the gut – I’m all in because I understand the value.

Other things I intend on incorporating are Gelatin – just haven’t gotten there quite yet.

A few other things:

I stopped consuming Stevia & Erythritol and began replacing them with Raw Honey – this all comes down to processing and manufacturing. Stevia alone apparently goes through a 42 step process which includes a chemical process of extracting rebaudioside from the leaf and adding solvents like acetonitrile which is toxic to the liver – I totally discontinued it – LilSipper’s guidance really helped steer me in the right direction on this one. Gross!

Other than that, I’m beginning my days with fat and protein have also been key! Here’s a SUPER delicious coffee recipe that I must say – has me feeling incredibly satisfied and zippy:


Aside from that Eggs and Steamed Greens have been an excellent first dose of nourishment. This is a simple recipe:

Steamed mixed greens – add 3 eggs (I use 2 whites and 1 whole egg) poached over the top. Plus this delicious 2 ingredient hemp sauce:

Start by setting a pan to medium high heat – using whatever fat source you like to ensure nonsticking. I use avocado oil most of the time or the avocado oil cooking spray

Add greens – cover with lid and allow to cook a moment

lift the lid and add eggs

turn heat down and cover again for 1-2 minutes

sprinkle with salt and pepper and a dollop of Hemp Sauce (see below):

Hemp Sauce

1 cup of hemp seeds – ground to a paste

+ 1 Tbsp Mrs. Dash

+ pinch of sea salt

+ 1/2-3/4 cup water – blend, pour into a jar and use over all your favorite things. Veggies, eggs, steamed potatoes etc. Yum!

I hope this has been helpful for you – rather than suggest what you eat – I suggest you tune into yourself. That is what I’m here to help with. Consider booking a series of appointments, beginning with a consultation, then definitely consider your Viome kit! If you have any health concerns at all – inflammation to anxiety – it all leads back to the same place. Your underbelly. So let’s go there.

With love and all the things,


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