I’m only listing the places I go to – this is NOT an exhaustive list of Honolulu vegan dining. You can see YELP for that. I only want to guide you to places I dine at regularly that way I’m giving you my authentic experience/opinion. I’ve pinned this to my blog so I can continue adding to it as I go.

Simple Joy – all vegan, mostly gluten free, they specify clearly and the menu is huge. Moderately inexpensive. The banana flower salad is amazing, their soups are delicious, I want to try their noodle dishes next. Expect to pay roughly $20 a plate

Tane – no words. Just go. Intimate. Dimly lit. Amazing. Moderately expensive, $45+

ps. try everything

RedFish – despite the fish, the side dishes and vegetable based small plates are awesome. Get a side of rice or potatoes to “round things out.” Moderately inexpensive. Kind of loud but whatevs. Expect to pay $30+

Down to Earth (it’s a market/grocer) – everything but the egg & dairy. All things are labeled. Delicious. Creative. Inventive. Always filling. Somewhat expensive – worth it. Their bakery is pretty awesome too. Matcha wheat free donuts and their zucchini loaf are particularly tasty with a morning coffee. $15-$35 for take out/salad bar.

Dagaon – Burmese cuisine – so good! Their Tea Leaf salad, Fried stuffed tofu & Coconut Rice are amazing. They have several other Vegan/vegetarian dishes these are just my favorites. Expect to pay $30-$40

The Pig & the Lady- This classy place is a sweet spot in Chinatown for intimate dinner parties and an alternative experience. Their menu is chock full of omnivorous options but they make a ton of Vegan friendly dishes like the one’s here. My colleague suggested the Vegan Pho and it didn’t disappoint! Expect to pay $40-50.

Rangoon – actually owned and operated by the same folks as Dagon but this place is in Chinatown. Nicer setting, still casual but a bit nicer than Dagon. I ordered both the Ginger and the Mango Salad. You’ll see a few of the Dagon dishes replicated here too. Expect to pay $30-$45

Lastly – what I do in a pinch if I’m eating out with friends or family at a place that quite literally has “nothing” on the menu, I order a Spicy Bloody Mary and a plate of French Fries and call it a day!

Best of dining, xo