Tahini – Maple – Ginger Sauce (Sugar Free!)


Well hey there. This sauce just 'bout blew my mouth last night. You probably just need to make it. Enjoy ↓ Ingredients: 1/4 cup Tahini 2 Tbsp "Keto" Maple syrup such as Lakanto or Birch Benders pancake syrup. Sounds funky but trust me. It's mostly made of Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Maple flavoring and a little [...]

Tahini – Maple – Ginger Sauce (Sugar Free!)2021-04-02T07:18:27-10:00

Crunchy Pickled Veggie Dressing with Dill


Want a simple sauce for your next chicken or fish dish? Are we in agreement that the sauce makes the meal yet? Ok good. Here you go: Ingredients you'll need: Pickled Veggies Dill Mayo Protein - fish or chicken. See captions below ↓   1. Chop 1 cup of your favorite pickled veggies. I [...]

Crunchy Pickled Veggie Dressing with Dill2021-04-02T07:01:36-10:00


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