My 8 month breast augmentation update


I get this question pretty often, both on social media and with friends. In a rather hush hush sort of way - some women want to keep it from public knowledge, others want to keep it from their husbands - either way it's so personal and I support that no matter your level of comfort. [...]

My 8 month breast augmentation update2024-03-07T08:41:12-10:00

My Breast Augmentation Journey


Aloha & welcome to my breast augmentation story. I'm starting with the basics, then how I documented the process (the videos I'm saving for YouTube) including week by week photos and a chart which breaks down what I did and ate every day of the first 10 days. Then I include insights. I also get [...]

My Breast Augmentation Journey2023-07-12T17:04:10-10:00


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