This might be the most random, impromptu, unedited blog post I’ve written in a while. IN A LONG WHILE. Like, all of COVID while…so, hold on to your seat.

We’ve gotten right down to business haven’t we?

Took a pandemic to expand our squinty bifocal lenses and become more wide-eyed – enough to scare us back into…dormancy?

What would it take to wake people from their burrowing? Cuz people are still hiding, truly. It’s called the guise of distraction. Whatever doesn’t knock us right onto our feet will find us left under our jersey knit sheets. Cozy? Louder than ever, more political than ever, more wild, crazy and…no, not free. Children are still being found in cages; a 7 year old girl withering to a mere 28 lbs because her parents are too busy feeding their other two to realize they’d get imprisoned for child-abuse.

Wait – what? 

see through

What is this mess. What is this thing we call humanity. If we were actually asking the questions with real interest we’d be living more of the answer. Foreigners aren’t from other countries, they’re from things we ingest, inhale, consume and identify with – they  invade our minds and imbed themselves by the offspring of the root that planted it. Foreigners are things we build anti-bodies to. Anti – Bodies. Things that fight off other things so we can stay alive. Never before has this microcosmic chaos been so visible to the human eye – a byproduct of… leaky gut syndrome? Maybe. Shit, people die from Crohn’s disease on the daily and yet we still douse their intestines with synthetic chemicals. 

Poor thing. Poor neglected, abandoned abused shell of a thing – that chose to perpetuate more harm than to heal what was their responsibility to burn and recreate.  

Well that was random Katie. 

Rise. Birdy. Take Flight.


We all make choices. But how do we better our choices if all we know is McDonalds and Lysol?

We currently live in a dichotomy of Red & Blue hues with other, more indistinguishable smokescreens. We like to pretend we know what’s best for everyone else. Which is funny cuz 1 person is apparently supposed to know what’s best for 328.2 billion people. That’s funny … right? And we’re actually laughing when we’re not arguing because the memes coming out of this chaos are actually ridiculous enough to make the most stubborn bull chortle. It’s funny that everyone likes to think they know enough to vote 1 person into office who dictates what’s best for the lives of people so unlike their own. White pillars and body guards.

328.2 billion. 1 person, their minion, everyone else. That’s the real comedy. That we think the one person in charge actually has power…

I’ll give you billions…how about trillions. 

That’s how many microbes inhabit your guts and depending on what those little fishies are doing has everything to do with how you’re living. That’s right. Fishy. 

So when life sucks we have a couple choices: 

1. Heed the voices of the ads on your Instagram feed – or

2. the whisperings coming from your body whom for one reason or another either guide you toward the produce isle or the plethora of chips by Frito-Lay. 

It’s up to you…wait, no. It’s up to your microbes. That’s more like it. 

Food matters. 

Food has always mattered. In a world that is more “woke” than ever we are consuming the worst garbage on the planet. The shit we’re letting through our screens and into our faces are in fact leaking out our guts. Which disrupt our endocrine system – and – you got that right, live all over our bodies including right below the Mason-Dixon Line. The gut/microbiome is an endocrine organ and part of the network of glands in the body that make the hormones that help our cells talk to each other. Conversations. Communication. Funny cuz we humans struggle with that – like, allllot. Is it the talking part – or the listening? I’m voting for the latter.

How are your nether regions by the way?

Fed? Happy? Tended to? Moving? Stagnant? Frustrated?

The title of this blog post is nothing shy of sassy, I know, peaches. 🍑…🍨 Eroticism gets lost when people eat garbage and think pornography is real sex. By golly. 

bubble bath

…but wait, small tangent.

I just went to check on the bathtub I was filling because I’m writing this 1/2 asleep (that’s not an excuse, I take full responsibility for this ridiculousness). I planned to submerge myself in lavender bubbles and Epsom salts though I nearly flooded my whole apartment. Kidding again. My whole airbnb. I’m pretending I live here because like all humans fantasy is where we have the most fun

Back to my sentiment. 

You matter. Your body matters. How you reside in your body matters. Are you taking residence yet? How do you feel? How controllable or uncontrollable are you urges? Do you hear soft whispers or is your body screaming through your cystic breakouts? What does that look and feel like? This is a conversation for crying out loud – that toddler who is so so damn smart you say, but still – a toddler – and only partially articulate because her brain is just 80% developed…so ya, screaming while you ignore or coddle or spoil with more episodes on the handheld movie theater or with fudgesicles, mmm those are yummy and distracting…unless, alas, you’re holding her through her wavering and discomfort. Trust me mamas and papas, I get it. Hush little fire cracker – the real ruckus has barely begun. 

It’s all connected. If we don’t get pretty peaches when she’s 4 how will we “get her” when she’s 18. After all – she’ll have to get herself eventually. As their honorary homeschool teachers which translates as every other job that comes without a paycheck, the best we can do is “get” ourselves. 

We are doing our godamn best aren’t we?….this life is not for the faint of heart. Never freakin was. We fell asleep for a couple decades. Some people died before they witnessed the mess spill over. That was fun – bad music,  horrible fashion, decimated lands and lots and lots and lots of sex trafficking all while we fell blindly succumbing to the noise through the alien box. Neon pinks & greens and acid washed jeans…

I promise I have an ounce left of sincerity. I won’t lie. Sarcasm is actually really annoying….

After a lifetime of attracting snide assholes into my life I had to admit one thing – I must be contemptible. I mean – isn’t that what being an adult actually entails? Taking responsibility for our actions? Assumption makes an ass out of You and Me (ass u me) but admittance makes an asshole a born again monk. Or so I tell myself.

In truth my friend, 

I’m just writing this to say I’m here with you. The world is a scary place. The one thing we can do each day is wake up and commit to living an honest life. Honesty is a broad term for going down to the depths of our deepest needs and wantings. It’s peaches..and cream. But not easy. Most of us don’t even know how dishonest we’re living. We’ll fight our way to live at least a little sheepishly, won’t we? Because it’s easier that way. But I do want to say this:

  • You can make good choices today
  • You can tap into your body – with one hand on your belly and the other on your heart
  • You can ask yourself what next foot forward will guide you toward greater self awareness, be it: taking a few long slow deep breaths, making a cup of tea, walking to the ocean, putting your feet on the grass (a practice called “earthing”), turning off your screen for an allotted 1-2 hours to go and do something intentional
  • You can write or express to someone how much they mean to you
  • You can invest in a program or a course or a podcast or web series that teaches you something new
  • You can change one thing, many things, because that’s what we are here to do. Just look at what’s happened over the last 20-30 years all while you’ve been here gaining more wisdom, getting things wrong, falling a part and standing back up. 

So weird. I know. I’m so weird. 

And I love ya. I do.