The February Body Reset


Available on backorder

Welcome to the post-holiday body love movement! Let’s renew, restore, rejuvenate and clear our mental and emotional lenses with Therapeutic Eating’s 10 day Reset!

Available on backorder


The Body Reset is a permission slip. An opportunity for you pause from everyday life. Food over time, rather than medicine, becomes habitual and addictive when in truth food is here – above all – for our nourishment and self awareness. There is so much meaning in our hunger. Lets deep dive together – redefine our relationship to our bodies and pave a path forward filled with intention & action. A thriving body and mind work in tandem – this 10 days will set the ball in motion and teach you invaluable lessons about yourself, your hunger, your relationship to food and your behavior. I’ve mindfully organized and woven this experience with intention so you feel strengthened, challenged and rejuvenated. I provide you will a plethora of clean and simple recipes that are so fun to make and eat you might just see yourself preparing these foods after the reset is over.

What can you expect from the 10 days?

Days 1-2 Soup, Days 3-10 = Green Drinks, Low Glycemic Fruits, Salads + Dressings, 16  Delish Meal ideas, Coffee & Tea Ritual & added protein days on days 3, 5, 7 & 9. Plus daily reflection prompts and private Facebook Lives.

*Feel free to Venmo me directly @Kathryn-Trussell-1 and pay $45. The $48 cost includes the PayPal fee. Mahalo


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