Howdy friend! Well if 2020 wasn’t enough, how’s the transition been into ‘21? To be honest, I’m humbled every time I reflect on what’s behind us because I know that what transpired fuels my steps ahead. Can you relate?

If it wasn’t for the Body Reset, for me personally ( I recognize I’m biased!) I wouldn’t be where I am today. Like you, I have a relationship to food and my body that is constantly evolving as well. I’m not here because I’ve figured it out. I’m here because I’m constantly willing to. I’m also here because I want to eat food mindfully, thoughtfully and in all honesty? Freely. Yeah. I think we overthink food, meals, portions and “what I should be eating vs. what society thinks I should be eating vs. what the doctors think I should be eating vs. that teeny tiny little voice from within, aka, our intuition that begs us to listen.” We do this waaaay too much. We over complicate. Obsess. Attach or do the opposite, throw in the towel all together and say F it. This August, I’d like to invite us all to

  1. redefine our hunger
  2. redefine our biased, fear based thinking (too much “science” is very damaging to our intuition)
  3. redefine our dysmorphic patterning (that critic who says you look great one day and the next you look like you had to have gained 10 lbs over night – because somehow that’s possible – which it’s not.)
  4. redefine your meals, food choices and most beneficial of all =
Our food behaviors stem from our beliefs about our bodies paired with our conditioned understanding. I invite you to explore what this August Body Reset has to offer. I am GIVING away my Therapeutic Eating Program – which will be a one time offer – because I feel blessed to be on this journey with you and the Reset itself has come FULL circle. As I look at the menu, the expanded food list, the softening, I’m reminded that this is truly a HOMECOMING and I invite you to dive into your feather bed with me. Ready?

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