Today I leave for Costa Rica. I haven’t left the country since 2006. That’s a really long time for me  –  for someone who’s lived in Switzerland, Thailand & Italy (and visited the neighboring countries) traveling became more a pastime and something that made me who I am today.

When I boarded my plane from Reggio di Calabria in ’06 the last words I read on Facebook were from my dear friend Dara Kaufman – she told me she needed more of me in her life. 10 or so hours later when I landed back on American soil I got word that Dara had died. It was the eve of her birthday.

Three months later I moved to Hawaii.

The moral of the story: never question why it is you do what you do. It’s all for the purpose of fulfillment & the fulfillment of purpose even in fear, maybe especially. Who you are: what, why & how is meant to be because you are meant to be.

Let’s not keep ourselves hidden. There will always be mystery.

Lastly. Living, as painstakingly gut wrenching and difficult as it is, is a gift we get to unwrap on the daily. It’s a privilege. Share, express, hone the sacredness of vulnerability. You’re a good person thru & thru. At least that’s always been my mantra.

A hui hou xo Katie