Aloha everyone!

I’m resetting monthly now. Whoop. I’m excited to see how this evolves since the monthly 5 day  reset was born from the 10 day quarterly reset which was conceived just 4 years ago after a fateful encounter with tequila, chocolate cake and my sons 4th birthday. If that wasn’t a mouthful…

Are you looking for structure, more balance, to lose weight, for mental clarity, to engage your feminine prowess (whether you’re male or female)? If so, this is IT. Resetting invokes a sense of presence, power, inspiration and self nurturance which bleeds into other affairs. I wouldn’t be surprised to start resetting 3 weeks out of the month, given a week to flow into whatever freeform eating I see fit – single wiggle room is inherent to success. You might want to stick around to see.

Every reset starts with intention

Every reset begins with courage

Every reset ends with gratitude

Every reset invokes valuable, tangible lessons

The reset is designed to help you heal your relationship to food and to be consistent with eating – the catch is that addressing these two things becomes a healing gateway to improved relationships, boundary setting, work satisfaction and more fulfillment. When we’re more content in our bodies, we’re more content period – which means more gets done. Too many women see wholesome food and eating as an arduous task wrought with slaving away in the kitchen but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your kitchen experience becomes a dance.

I can reset with my eyes closed at this point. This is the art of making self care effortless… Resetting has become easier than everyday cooking; it’s quicker, it’s cheaper & sustainable. For example, I made 1 pot of soup which made 4 quarts. I roasted 2 acorn squash, air fried a bag of red potatoes and bought a bunch of fruit. I dressed my food with either a handful of seeds or a drizzle of dressing. I rinsed and repeated and kept going. This lasted 4 days – and I only spent about 60-75 $ based on what I bought and what ingredients I already had handy. I’m not saying it’s easy at first but it sure is simple. Ironically what happened at the end of my last reset blew even my mind: I decided to get off of social media for my mental health and I instantly felt renewed.

This is what I mean by “bleeding into other affairs,” you never know how you might benefit from taking care of your body – your body reveals your next best steps.

So the question is:

Are you ready to feel better?

Are you ready to wake up humbled and motivated to engage in your life?

Are you ready to initiate healing, one meal at a time?

Are you ready to sharpen your lens, focus more on what matters, see yourself with fresh eyes?

Try resetting.

You can do anything for 5 days.