Life beckons a bit of cleanup. This reset is designed to get you back on track and help establish new behaviors with food & eating. The key word is behavior. When we are intentional in one area, other areas of our lives follow suit. Nourishment is equally about food as it is about How & When we eat it. These 5-6 days don’t need to be replicated to a T – I wouldn’t expect you to eat the same things as I did but the goal is participating in the principles and keeping yourself accountable, however you design it. The food is intended to inspire – our tastes will naturally differ. A major saving grace during your reset will be to simplify your ingredients and prepare a bit in advance each day, ie. 1-2 batches of pureed soup, have veggies on handy you can easily stir fry, keep fresh fruit handy etc. 

Things to expect:

  • omitting intoxicants
  • eliminating sugar
  • eating primarily plant foods – however if your lifestyle requires that you eat meat, I suggest foregoing all dairy and opting for lean protein sources and wherever possible, substituting plant proteins
  • be ready to follow the main principles of: sitting down to eat, eating what’s on your plate (you’ll understand why) and eating 3 meals (because you won’t be snacking).
  • you’ll likely lose water weight, drop a few lbs and fit into your clothes really nicely – hey, you might even wish to continue this journey for a few more days. I texted my gf midway through, “I want to reset forever.”
  • move your body DAILY. Walk if nothing else. Create a rhythm and a routine.
  • work between meals, make this your most productive reset – but when it’s time to eat – do nothing else but be present with your meals. No reading, multitasking, researching, driving – if anything listen to some lo-fi lounge sounds
  • While food is highly pleasurable – it can be distracting. It’s important to learn to gravitate toward wholesome ingredients so the lure of food is as much or more about fueling your body as opposed to fueling your pleasure seeking cravings.

Good luck! I’m here for additional support, don’t hesitate to text me: 808-652-7890

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