I have bragging rights : the body reset was born of Tequila and Chocolate Cake. Oh, and anger. Lots of rage. Yes.

It’s been three years since the commencement of the Body Reset and to say I’m proud is an understatement. I woke up the day after my son’s 4th birthday – and 3 months into covid lockdowns – to a new found determination that has carried me through to this day and the payoff has been worth noting.

I see the person I was then. Still me – an aspiring someone, a newly single mother, confused and scrambling. What’s a new post graduate to do with a Masters degree and no job? She creates. Yes – she innovates, digs, digs deeper and doesn’t resurface until she’s unearthed something worth holding.

Insert: Therapeutic Eating™. Therapeutic because despite my job prospects, I had my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and I was now credentialed to offer mental health services. And Eating because my journey to reverence began with being a self-taught eater of things, deciphering, figuring out, and sussing through the chaotic mish mash of media laden messages. I am an eater and creator at best – and woke up with a degree I needed to do something with. I also needed to engage people in a way that helped them feel good: to figure out how to eat and revere their body the way I had learned to.

The Quarterly Reset became a revolving door and a seasonal beckoning.

Little did I realize the reset incorporated the very essence of why I moved to Hawaii. In 2006 I ventured to Kauai with a suitcase and a one way ticket. I had a job prospect working as an apprentice for an Ayurvedic practitioner on the north shore – Ayurveda being Yoga’s sister science, I took on the ritual of conscious eating, food preparation, self care & seasonal cleansing. Ayurveda invites us to look lovingly into our daily habits and bring awareness and kindness to the task. I had a VERY long way to go before I could walk this talk. I was still in the habit of self loathing and berating most of my poor choices and behavior while still negatively reinforcing them. It was a cycle I just hadn’t broken. I was still battling demons in the form of an eating disorder and the look of inflammation was written all over my face. Regardless I was determined which is one of my most valuable traits.

As I’ve watched myself grow over the last 3 years I’ve seen over a decade of my work expand like the yoga practice I’ve so faithfully fine tuned. In the 3 years since my first reset I’ve noticed how despite living imperfectly between quarters that the reset started to become me and me the reset. What first emulated the “cabbage soup diet” and an effort to overcome a particularly rough patch of life, the reset evolved into a wholesome all-I-can-eat buffet of plant foods sprinkled with love, attention, creativity and patience. I learned – most importantly – that I already had all the tools I needed and it was up to me to utilize them. This was the therapeutic process in full effect. The real project was to hone the confidence to teach others that they too have their own solutions at the ready. It was just a matter of growing their skillset.

vegan food haul

What sets the Therapeutic Eating Body Rest apart?

Therapeutic Eating™ is a brand, an attitude and different from most “heal your body through food” programs. While I embrace all personalities, the mold I work to shape shift is the one that calculates its way to betterment. Love is mostly immeasurable (statistically psychologists may argue) so how can we love our bodies and food by way of eating 100 calorie snacks? It’s just not sustainable. Plans and preparation are important, essential even, but learning to navigate when plans change is crucial.

  • The body reset lasts 10 days, just long enough but not overkill.
  • The body reset gives you a plethora of foods to work with: the only things you’re not eating are meat, dairy, eggs, refined sugar and gluten. The rest is game. Ie. Every food in the plant kingdom, including grains, starches, beans and honey is “allowed.”
  • The body reset trains you to use your curiosity. Never used a particular ingredient? Buy it! I’ll show you what to do.
  • The body reset helps you be accountable but doesn’t overexpose you if you prefer a more intimate experience.
  • The body reset teaches you how to plan and prep while still being whimsical.
  • The body reset begs questions like: who am I bringing to the table every day? What behaviors around food am I addressing? Do I stand up and eat – what do I notice when I sit down?
  • The body reset addresses late night eating, justifying alcohol consumption (without AA), skipping meals, starving your way through the day only to binge later, and mindless snacking etc.

What you learn about yourself each quarter is unique. What I learned three years ago in comparison to what I learned in August 2022 is stark and I’m always surprised.

Have you enjoyed a Body Reset yet? If so, what inspired you the most? What carries you through to today? While the quarterly reset makes a huge impact and a lasting difference, some of us need more – and I get that. I’ve begun working with clients 1:1 through a 60 day transformation with amazing success. Maybe that’s more up your alley? If so, CLICK HERE. Otherwise join me in November as you continue to redefine your hunger. Next quarter will be the first reset that I incorporate a full blown exercise schedule! Rev those intentions now!

With love,