But are you eating enough?


The cat's outta the bag. Let's talk about the food we should all be eating... But first. To be clear: this isn't about shame. This isn't about guilt. This isn't about getting it right or not. This isn't about anything that comes to mind when we hear (or read) the word: should. This is about [...]

But are you eating enough?2021-11-17T19:51:01-10:00

Spinach & Carrot Flaxbread with Walnut Frosting


Flax meal - don't fail me now! (It never fails me however, I seriously love flax). I play with flax like bakers play with flour. It's so versatile and with so few other ingredients you can have a cracker or a loaf of bread that is loaded with fiber, nutrients, antioxidants and omega's in a [...]

Spinach & Carrot Flaxbread with Walnut Frosting2020-11-18T13:55:27-10:00

Zucchini Banana Flax Bread with Digestive Spices & Walnut Frosting


Simple, delicious. Damn healthy. It's a feel good one, friends, with notes of unctuousness, texture, Omega fatty and sweet. Enjoy, from my heart to your belly, Katie Zucchini Banana Bread made with Flaxmeal and Digestive Spices - Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Pepper & Fenugreek. Your ingredients: 2 large bananas - mashed 1 large zucchini [...]

Zucchini Banana Flax Bread with Digestive Spices & Walnut Frosting2020-11-16T13:43:10-10:00


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