Vegan Dining in Honolulu


I'm only listing the places I go to - this is NOT an exhaustive list of Honolulu vegan dining. You can see YELP for that. I only want to guide you to places I dine at regularly that way I'm giving you my authentic experience/opinion. I've pinned this to my blog so I can continue [...]

Vegan Dining in Honolulu2024-01-20T08:01:50-10:00

Double Veggie Stuffed Potato Skins (omg!)


I used my air fryer for the potato skins but you can use a regular oven. Also, whatever seasonings and veggies I used can be replaced with veggies of your choosing. Honestly - use what's in your hydrator drawers before you do a special shop. Part of what made this delicious was being resourceful. I [...]

Double Veggie Stuffed Potato Skins (omg!)2023-09-22T08:05:50-10:00

Eating more is more


Why eat more? I'm very passionate about eating more, enjoying food and making minimal concessions. However it's not without skill - mindful, intentional, playful skill, which is why I find it crucial that you come here not just for recipes but for visual inspiration. I'd be lying by omission if I didn't tell you the [...]

Eating more is more2023-08-21T21:11:49-10:00

How food impacts us emotionally.


Plant based foods healed my skin, my gut & my relationship to my body. I had to ask myself, as a therapist and passionate foodie - how does food impact us emotionally? It goes without saying the entire reason this website exists is because I have an emotional connection to the topic of food [...]

How food impacts us emotionally.2023-07-30T12:48:58-10:00

Pssst! Here’s what I’m eating on my social media hiatus


If there is one thing I do well it's feed my body. So when I opted to take a month off of social media I figured why not document just what I mean. Let's get one important thing out of the way: does everything I eat need to be organic, "clean?" (by modern societal standards), [...]

Pssst! Here’s what I’m eating on my social media hiatus2022-12-25T08:38:36-10:00


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