A Wholesome Salad – oil free


This salad was a peace meal offering. It was so delicious and used all the veggies in my hydrator drawers. Ingredients 1 cooked Okinawan purple sweet potato 1/2 white onion 1 peeled cucumber - quartered 1/2 large bunch of parsley 1/2 large bunch of dill Handful of grape tomatoes - halved (I also added 1 [...]

A Wholesome Salad – oil free2023-07-18T15:47:53-10:00

Sweetened Condensed…..Oat Milk?


I couldn't help myself. Knowing full well that sweetened condensed coconut milk is delicious to boot (especially in iced espresso) I figured condensed oat milk could only be a good thing. I wasn't wrong - let's just put it that way. I chose to put this deliciously decadent yet somewhat wholesome new sweetener to the [...]

Sweetened Condensed…..Oat Milk?2022-02-17T06:17:19-10:00


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