Can’t we be popular?


Guilty confession. I have a history of watching disgusting amounts of the Food Network Channel. Like - once 90210 and Party of Five kicked the bucket, cooking shows were the only place I turned to for entertainment. But allow me to explain. This was over 20 years ago - and, I don't think I replicated [...]

Can’t we be popular?2023-06-05T12:24:33-10:00

Coconut Beet Soup


In light of the May Body Reset & all the up and coming delights, behold:¬† ūü•• Beet Soup 1 can of coconut milk,¬† 2 medium cooked and peeled beets,¬† 3 cloves garlic,¬† 1 nub of ginger,¬† 2 Tbsp tamari,¬† 2 Tbsp ACV,¬† 1 Tbsp brown rice syrup (optional) 1 tsp dried dill¬† & black pepper [...]

Coconut Beet Soup2022-04-23T09:23:06-10:00


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