Pineapple Vanilla Cake Balls


I'm either a horrible baker or I have amazing improvisational skills! Maybe both are true. These were meant to be cupcakes but knowing my rebellious nature I couldn't follow the rules. I figured I'd show you just what I did, what happened and how I fixed it. May this help guide future kitchen extravaganzas! What [...]

Pineapple Vanilla Cake Balls2022-04-30T17:12:40-10:00

Morning Glory Baked Oats & Zucchini


I made these on a whim - and better so! Let thy curiosity be the guide. Plus, these are too easy not to share. I call these morning glory because they incorporate zucchini, carrot, banana and tahini which somewhat emulates the idea of a morning glory muffin but let's be honest - they're healthy to [...]

Morning Glory Baked Oats & Zucchini2022-04-23T10:13:16-10:00


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