The Therapeutic Eating Comprehensive Body Reset


This May your document is chock full of prerecorded videos to help you prepare. I’m offering 3 Microsoft Teams meetings on May 1, 4 & 9th at 8 a.m. Hawaii Time. I’ve also compiled several documents to help you stay the course such as shopping lists, lists of non-negotiable and ways to wiggle your way into more self love as well as Therapeutic Eating Principles and Reset Mentality tips. Let’s Spring forward!  xo


Welcome! Are you ready for a reboot? What’s better than setting aside 10 days to give your body a rest, some serious R&R and to reach higher ground. Your Reset is your own. While I advocate for a lifestyle replete with fruits and vegetables, the point of the reset is that you find your groove, tune into your body and decide what balance of foods and movement work for you. You can go as extreme as you want to – or be as lenient. You can watch and read all the materials and set them aside for a time when you’re ready. You can do whatever fills your cup! You have my support. I know you’ll reap some major rewards from this experience. Enlist a friend for extra accountability! Call me for a therapy session – sky’s the limit.

Included in your investment is:

  • Your 10 day reset including video documentation
  • Reset Mentality and How to keep your Head in the Game
  • Therapeutic Eating Principles
  • An amass of recipes, structure and how to design your 10 days for a deep, nourishing & fulfilling experience (plus what to expect each day!)

Payments can be made via Venmo & Zelle as well. In those cases I will forward all of the documents to you via email.



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