A letter to my younger self:

▴ One day you’ll learn that all the ways you thought you were doing well for yourself were actually forms of self sabotage. Then all the ways you were self sabotaging were actually efforts to heal. Read that again.


▴ One day you’ll learn that certain ways you sought to relieve yourself from extremes – were done extremely – and you’ll either loosen your grip or you’ll let go altogether. And both are okay.


▴ One day you’ll learn that your 35 minute workout is more effective than your 2 hour one – and your ambitious diet regime required more, not less, eating.


▴ One day you’ll learn that you are so good at trying. So good. And that was the lesson. That you’re perserverant and noble in your efforts. And you’ll use that.


▴ One day you’ll learn you can start sentences with And and Because because no one judges you more than yourself, revises your papers or critiques your style – and if they do, they’re just really bored.


▴ One day you’ll learn that more is just more of a headache and less is more opportunity.


▴ One day you’ll learn that you tried making friends with people you really didn’t like and you’ll forgive yourself for all the ways you burned bridges. Because the power of your own forgiveness provided you with resources to build a new one.


▴ One day you’ll learn. Maybe today. Maybe not. And it’s okay. Because.


plant based ice cream bowl

Planet Oat ice cream, Stewed Maine blueberries, Hawaiian Honey, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds & Walnuts.