I researched high and low for a Vegan Green Papaya Salad dressing recipe. I couldn’t find one so I created one. That – in my mind – is the only solution. Green papaya is loaded with health benefits, some of which include being an awesome digestive aid, improving wound healing, improving lactation in mothers & reducing the sign of aging…did you expect any of that? It’s time to eat this salad if I do say so myself.

green papaya

I purchase prepared Green Papaya from the Asian Farmers Market here in Honolulu at Dillingham. It’s worth while checking to see if the China-town in your area carries green papaya because it eliminates 1/2 the work involved in making this salad! Whenever I go there – which is maybe 1x month I grab Green Papaya because it’s so healthy and begs for a fresh and vibrant salad I’m bound to make. That said – it’s very tricky to find a simple enough fish sauce free recipe that doesn’t require a thousand ingredients. I’ve got you covered here.

limes for green papaya dressing

This might be the most laborious part of your dressing making – but guess what? You can totally use bottled lime juice as a substitute and lighten your load that way. Otherwise squeeze that juice – about 1/3 cup worth.

green papaya salad dressing

Your sauce is: 3 parts Sweet Chili Sauce, 2 parts Lime Juice and, 1 part Tamari. Just like that. Doesn’t matter how much you make. In fact, this sauce is so bomb you might just consider having it on hand for other things like Eggplant and Steamed rice.

Roasted peanuts = essential. Take whole peanuts – maybe 1/2-1/3 cup, drizzle with a little sesame or peanut oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Toast on your skillet until lightly brown.

The rest is gravy. Simply rinse some lettuce. You can use any green – green beans, kale, broccoli slaw – there aren’t any rules since the most important part is out of the way. Also feel free to be as traditional as you like. Add shredded carrots, cored and slivered tomato, even pickled daikon would be awesome. Chop your lettuce, add a heavy handful of shredded green papaya, drizzle with dressing, mix then toss with the dressing.

The synopsis:

1 large handful of shredded green papaya

2-3 leaves of romaine, rinsed and chopped

1/2 cup of whole peanuts, roasted in sesame or peanut oil + a little sea salt


3 parts sweet chili sauce

2 parts lime juice

1 part tamari


1/3 cup sweet chili sauce

1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp lime juice

3 tbsp tamari

Mix & Pour.

Enjoy! xo