Vegan Dining in Honolulu


I'm only listing the places I go to - this is NOT an exhaustive list of Honolulu vegan dining. You can see YELP for that. I only want to guide you to places I dine at regularly that way I'm giving you my authentic experience/opinion. I've pinned this to my blog so I can continue [...]

Vegan Dining in Honolulu2024-01-20T08:01:50-10:00

The NEW 5 day reset


Aloha everyone! I'm resetting monthly now. Whoop. I'm excited to see how this evolves since the monthly 5 day  reset was born from the 10 day quarterly reset which was conceived just 4 years ago after a fateful encounter with tequila, chocolate cake and my sons 4th birthday. If that wasn't a mouthful... Are you [...]

The NEW 5 day reset2023-07-20T17:28:55-10:00

3 Crucial Principles to adopt TODAY for a better relationship to food


Sit Down to Eat How you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Almost. Sitting down to eat eliminates the element of rushing. Sitting down to eat also implies patience. When we sit, our gesture becomes: despite my hunger, I honor my food and body enough to relish in it, give thanks for [...]

3 Crucial Principles to adopt TODAY for a better relationship to food2023-06-28T13:58:38-10:00

Dear Katie, “what do I do if I fucked up my eating?”


I posed a question on my stories, asking what topic, if any, you'd like me to expand on. Let's start with this one: "Katie, what do I do if I fucked up my eating; how do I reset?" Here's the quick and easy answer: You can't fuck up your eating, you can only wish you [...]

Dear Katie, “what do I do if I fucked up my eating?”2023-06-08T23:24:56-10:00

Your Food Freedom Meal Plan


Let's get started We all love a bit of guidance, especially in the beginning, or when we're struggling. Use this lovingly: Portion sizes are 100% dependent on your body, weight loss/maintenance goals and needs. I encourage you explore an un-calculated approach to measuring your food based on how hungry you are and other pertinent circumstances. [...]

Your Food Freedom Meal Plan2022-12-16T22:02:15-10:00

How to listen to your body


Here is a concrete, no fluff, list of ways you can connect more deeply to your body so your choices can be made clearly, intuitively and in alignment with your intentions. But first - make sure this initial list is checked off = because if you're struggling to listen to your body and one or [...]

How to listen to your body2023-01-20T16:41:53-10:00

Take a look at the November Body Reset!


13 down, forever to go. The quarterly body reset - if I haven't reiterated it enough - has become my life. What a beautiful unfolding, and to share it with you has been the biggest gift of all. There's a memorable saying - be generous, because the greatest gifts we receive are those we give [...]

Take a look at the November Body Reset!2022-11-12T20:12:56-10:00

The Body Reset Reveals


I have bragging rights : the body reset was born of Tequila and Chocolate Cake. Oh, and anger. Lots of rage. Yes. It's been three years since the commencement of the Body Reset and to say I'm proud is an understatement. I woke up the day after my son's 4th birthday - and 3 months [...]

The Body Reset Reveals2022-08-29T20:03:09-10:00

Meal Prep is a metaphor in action


And here I was about to write some long winded rant about how meal prep is over rated. Only for A-types, not me (although I do appreciate a solid plan). Best I just eat my words. When I imagine meal prepping I see piles of Tupperware, pre-portion measurements and exacting ingredients - which makes my [...]

Meal Prep is a metaphor in action2022-04-12T06:33:37-10:00


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