Hey there home-body. Maybe you’ve reaped some major benefits in being home for the last 5.5 months & maybe you’re less than grateful and the silver linings are…tarnishing. I get it.

It goes without saying, however, that your body as you may have come to recognize or appreciate, is the keeper of your health,

your youth,

your energy

and your drive.

In it contains your brain and biome and without sound balance in each health concerns suppurate. Anxiety, depression and unwanted weight gain are simply a few of the many ways we simply “let the body go”. We’re too smart, we’re just too damn smart, to fall victim to unconscious patterning and yet it’s difficult to know where exactly to turn, how to start and what to do during these times.

My Therapeutic Eating program is one that takes the beauty of intuitive eating and the integral therapeutic process and fuses them into one amazing journey. But before we even go that far – my question is why not clean the slate? Why not reset the body? Why not challenge the mind? Why not?

Well, why?

For me, a clear mind is my best foot forward. Which is why I’ve designed this 10 day Body Reset. This 10 day process is full of nourishing foods, unlimited nutrient dense produce, micronutrients, robust flavors, intermittent protein – days 3/6 & 10 – plus lots of delicious tea/coffee (so as not to lose the power of ritual!). And while food is an fundamental part of the process, the time, energy and cleansing gives way to increased connection to your inner consciousness.

If any*body* needs this it’s every*body* because we are all in COVID together. Many of us stand against the perils of coronavirus with a strong enough immune system, but none of us are immune to the circumstances of adaptation while we all forego our old norm.

Are you ready to reset?

Are you ready to fully inhabit your body?

Are you ready to take your wellness journey to the next level, or better yet, are you ready to focus more clearly on what’s really going on?

If so:
You can go 1 of 3 routes:


The Reset + Supplements

The Full Shebang – coaching + personalized meal plans

The DIY: Whichever you choose, you can’t get this wrong. Let’s start for example, with the DIY.

The Do It Yourself Reset will give you all the steps to start your journey. It will encourage you to look at your current hap’s with food. Like any good protocol it’ll clear the fluff. It’ll inspire you to gather your ingredients. It’ll help clear your schedule. It’ll set the stage for a remarkable experience with you and your one and only. If you’ve done cleanses before and been successful in what you’ve accomplished – use that confidence and choose this option!

The Reset & Supplements: For me, the Detox water was a HUGE part of my process. You may already have a green powder on hand that you love to drink, if so, incorporate that. If not, consider going this route and I’ll send you my Chlorella body blend infused with Ashwagandha (an adaptogen) and Zinc (for stellar immune function). It’s filled with micronutrients to help the detoxification, stress and anxiety reducing and lowering of inflammation process.

The Shebang: this is the part where you hire me for 1:1 coaching and daily support. The Full package includes the Cleanse, the Supplements and support from me on the daily. We work according to your schedule to ensure you feel encouraged and validated along the way. Not everyone needs this but everyone appreciates it. The boost really helps on those days when you know you’ve committed to keep things going but you want/need a pick me up in order to keep going. It’s never a sign of weakness and always a sign of strength to ask for help. Let this be a gesture to yourself.

Scroll down to read about what I personally experienced (and expected!) ⇣


My personal “RESULTS

Ok so you’re curious. I get it. Here’s what I saw before/after.

  1. I lost 8 lbs. I hesitated to write that initially because I didn’t want to make this about weight loss. But let’s get real. A lot of the time we don’t feel good in our bodies it’s because we’re carrying around additional physical and emotional weight – and it doesn’t always feel good (in fact it usually doesn’t). I knew in my heart and with sincerity that if I adhered to my goals and tuned into my body with patience and perseverance I could achieve what I wanted in a healthy way.
  2. I lost all cravings for sweet things and foods in general – my biggest cravings toward the end were for: nutritional yeast, garlicky kale salad and crunchy pizza. I also fantasized a couple times about having a glass of wine. It’ s 3 days post cleanse and I’ve had nutritional yeast and garlicky kale so far! I continue to eat intuitively.
  3. Clearer skin. Yup. Just what I wanted. I truly believe the ZINC in my daily detox drink really helped with that. Also avoiding allergens and common foods I typically over consume like nuts I believe helped with that.
  4. Bloat – gone.
  5. While a lot of my emotions came flooding in – I came up with some proactive ways to target the healing process: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is one. Crying is another. Getting extra phone support from loved ones.
  6. That sums it up for me. I loved this. And I love that I created it for YOU. Stay tuned for testimonials.