6k miles

(the following I read aloud and is posted on my instagram feed, if you’d prefer to hear it there…xo)

I ran 6k miles from home. As far as I could. Created a whimsical life for myself, had babies outside, broke norms, planted trees, messed up (a lot), sought love lost love, ingested things that made me see weird sh*_ in the valleys, got credentialed, explored myself, died a few times, restored myself. 

espresso sunlight

espresso & morning sun

I ran 6k from home. 

I ran because it was easier to do that then face a future of uncertainty. I ran because a friend of mine had been killed in a freak accident and I had no tools to grapple with that. I ran because false hopes and dreams are more exciting sometimes than a linear path full of rats racing to the top of a broken ladder. I ran because it was all I knew and knew so so little. 

It wasn’t the falsehood of a geographical cure – which we all love to point the finger at – moving may not be the answer but it sure is full of experience and how else does one cultivate wisdom? It is, rather, the bluntness that we’re all the rat – racing – and the ladder that we built is only as stable as the mind and hands that orchestrate its structure. How high? How high? How high? We’re all so intoxitated and blind to our own stupor. It’s not until we kill the rat that we have a brink of hope, no matter where we live. Sorry vegans. The rat has to die. 

If you like treasure hunting and surprises, if you’re a pirate, a sailor, a mermaid, a dreamer – what’s true or false is only a matter of opinion. Dreams are as much a reality as reality is a dream. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right? 

Water for soda.

Broccoli for French fries. 

Walking for Tv. 

CBD for cigarretts.

When you go deep on yourself and begin doing the repair work you typically start with your nervous system. Then your endocrine system. Then your brain – and then your gut. What follows is your consciousness. Your willingness to speak up, walk forward, stand tall, have confidence.  Your connectedness. This is the power of the body’s intelligence and what so many of us need in a time of severe disconnect, like now…. 

Not black

Not white

Not female

Not male

Not red

Not blue

Not Trump

Not Biden

Not masks, alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.


Scarborough Beach, Maine

Scarborough Beach, Maine

So plugged in to the dichotomy we can’t see the forest for the trees…now can you see why so many people are turning to psychedelics for the answer…because the only way to see the trees, the valleys and the forests is through an inside invocation. Lenses that receive light and dictate back to the brain and the body new understanding. 

We’re all fighting for our rights – to live, to thrive, to heal, to hone, to rise, to own. But we’re all fighting. And that sucks. Because it’s so distracting.

This is not a pandemic, a politic sh*_ show (tho it seems so), a racial matter, a gender matter. It’s a severe. dissociative. misalignment. with what really – actually – matters. What REALLY matters. None of this is new, but it’s new for us to see what was hidden and sadly it takes catastrophic measures to peel away layers. While everyone busies themselves with fighting between the color someone’s skin or the shape of their genitalia or personal expression of their femininity or masculinity – we are ALL just missing the point. All of us. 

Yoga – not the stretchy flexy kind. Not the pretzel competition and the Mala bead wearing kind. Not the one who calls themselves a healer guru master shaman – kind. It’s the rip you out of your subconscious mind – kind. The one that gives you 6’ of wiggle room and if you don’t use all that god given space you stay stuck – tho if you dare to be radical and love every inch of yourself and others so deeply so deeply …so deeply, then the point will reveal itself. Connection, alignment, clarity, pause. Her love channels – don’t miss the point…and we miss it…and it’s okay, as long as we know we’re missing it. 

Be it, love it, own it, hone it, rock it, wear it. Be true to you my boo.