Think blueberries, spinach and walnuts are suitable health foods for all bodies? It’s time we (finally) think again.

This is what I’ve been looking for my entire life – not someone to tell me what to eat based on the latest diet trend or fad. Not someone to give me opinions about what’s best, according to their narrow thinking and belief system (with a heavy hand of guilt) for not saving humanity with every bite.

Someone, rather – a team of scientists – interested in innovative cutting edge research and facts based on data collected from personal samples.

Someone to tell me how to fan the fire of what makes me come to life all while extinguishing the flames that burn me to the ground. This is it. I’m so so so overjoyed I feel compelled – no – I feel OBLIGATED to share this with you.

First though, some questions: Do you deal with any of the following?

Digestive discomforts – especially after eating


Excess Weight



Itchy throat, excessive sneezing, coughing

Dark under eye circles

Post Nasal Drip

Watery Eyes



Agitation, irritability




Acne – rosacea, eczema, blackheads, dry skin, oily skin

Maybe living in your body is just confusing sometimes especially with nonstop conflicting health advice?

…any number of the things YOU specifically face on a day to day or weekly basis all have a basis in – you got it, YOUR GUT.

70% of your immunity (wellness) is produced in your gut.

90% of your brains’ serotonin (mood) is produced in your gut.

We have more bacterial cells than human ones – so isn’t it HIGH time we focus on balancing this bacteria so maybe we can have our hand at being better humans…

This company VIOME has created what’s called a Gut Intelligence Test.

The basic process is this:

  • You buy the kit
  • It arrives to you 5-7 days later
  • You download the app
  • You register the kit through the app
  • You measure your waist and hips with the tape measurer they provide
  • You take a sample of your stool (sexy, I know)
  • They provide you with EVERYTHING including the paper you place in your toilet which you tape it to the sides of the outside of the bowl which creates a “basket” of sorts so you don’t have to reach down too far into your toilet or god forbid your poop disappears. I also think this has to do with not coming into contact with the toilet water.
  • You take a tiny sample with the scoop they provide and insert it into the tube, also provided (which also contains a substance to keep your stool viable for the time it takes to travel back to the company)…shake for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, shake for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds then shake for 30 seconds. 3×3. Done.
  • You place your tightly sealed biohazard sample into the provided slip and enclose it
  • Then you place it in the no-postage-necessary envelope and ship it out that day (be smart and don’t do this on a Saturday afternoon ya?)
  • Results come back in 3-4 weeks with specific information regarding your balance of microbiota, what strains of bacteria are most prevalent, which ones are out of whack, which ones need help, which ones need extinguishing, which ones need boosting.
  • This is all to help you be better, feel better, do better.
  • Most everyone I’ve read and watched reviews from feel better in a matter of 1 week to 30 days.
  • The company suggests retesting every 6 months to a year because our gut biome naturally shifts and the changes we make today create a whole new environment later – you may even find yourself freely enjoying the occasional pizza or ice cream without keeling over. Worth a try, no?

What also comes back with your results is a LONG list of foods to eat, foods to avoid and foods to moderate as well as supplements to take. This is all based on you. You special bacteria laden human you.

Watch this Health Theory interview with the CEO of the company Naveen Jain.

I’ll update you with my personal results in the coming weeks. I’m most interested in my skin and energy as well as healing from infrequent but low occurring depression. All of which I am confident in healing with this gut intelligence reboot. If you’re having any particular health issues you’ve been dealing with your entire life and haven’t been able to come up with any real concrete solutions – feel free to use this $10 discount (enter promocode TRUSSELL10) and save yourself on your first kit too. What I want for myself, I want for you too. We all deserve this kind of clarity! Cheers xo

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