13 down, forever to go.

The quarterly body reset – if I haven’t reiterated it enough – has become my life. What a beautiful unfolding, and to share it with you has been the biggest gift of all. There’s a memorable saying –

be generous, because the greatest gifts we receive are those we give away.

I know that the reset isn’t always easy and in some respects can be misinterpreted as a diet, weight loss tactic or in some extremes – torturous. When you approach something different, so different than what you’re used to the discomfort can most definitely feel like, “but why god? Why impose such things?” Yet over time the reset becomes like second nature. It grows on you. Becomes a craving.  You begin to feed yourself, and feed yourself so deeply that you wonder what you’ve been doing all these years – feeding yourself or just eating. I know that until I recovered my relationship to food I had so little freedom that I ate blindly, addictively and with shame. I never knew if what I was eating was good for me even if it was labeled healthy. If it was healthy – why didn’t I feel good and why were there so many repercussions…went the self dialogue.

Hunger is an animal. It’s a drive. It’s as much something we satisfy as it is something we learn to understand. Most of us are fearful of our animal instincts and because of that we ignore other innate feelings like intuition, gut consciousness and discernment. But you’re smarter than that. And you know it.

The road to freedom starts with a single step and practice implies repetition. Listen, heed, repeat. Voila. If you’re hungry, eat – if you’re still hungry, eat more – if you’re still hungry after that, let’s unravel it a bit. It wasn’t until I became comfortable with the beast inside that I relented to tame her with nourishment over punishment. Once you’ve laid down your foundation all you have to do is build upward but until that happens and it’s solid, the walls can’t bare weight and you feel defeated (bloated, inflamed, overweight, the list goes). This is why I focus on the documents I’ve shared with you, whether in my Simple Reset Guide or my TE Cookbook. Need coaching? Call me.

Foundational to your Health

Potatoes, Rice, Oatmeal

Tofu, Lentils, Beans

Nuts, Seeds, Olives, Avocado & Coconut

Fruits & Vegetables

Coffee, Tea, Supplements

*Movement + Intimacy + Fun + Adventure + Purpose/Work fulfillment + Therapy*

In any case – stick around. February is destined to have its perks – it always does!