I had the hardest week to date. Debilitating bad news. Walls caved in. Broken. Rage. Sadness. Fear…..the worst of it, shame. Some of the things I began doing to remediate myself were a given, others might seem weird, some you might fight or avoid all together…but I promise if you in the LEAST open your notes app after a really deep-good-long-cry and start jotting down the things you begin doing, abiding by my list will be obsolete because you’re creating your own and that in itself is empowering (which, hurraayy, is the whole point).

The backstory? Meh. Unimportant. Let’s just chalk it up to: MAJOR disappointment. I have been working toward a couple things, one longer than the other, and both came crashing down at the same exact time mostly because I had planned poorly, misaligned my priorities and overburdened my schedule. Silly silly me. I’m not superhuman after all.

Thus. I found myself on the kitchen floor after another good cry, drinking my first cup of coffee at 9 a.m. (usually it’s the first thing I do around 5-6) and I noticed how the stainless steel on the fridge was looking rusty/dirty in some areas and recalled a specific cleaner under the sink I had never used – so alas. I found myself cleaning the surface of the fridge and stove. One thing led to the next and by 1:45 I was back on the road getting my kids at school. I had 100% spent my mourning/morning putting one foot in front of the other, beautifying my space, my hair, my skin, my plants. Did it resolve my sense of loss? Was it magic? Of course not. But it helped prove to myself that it certainly wouldn’t kill me and the best I can do is feel followed by redoubling my efforts – slowly that is.

Since this day I’ve picked up the pace, continued supporting the beautification, remained intentional, back peddled a little only to be reminded that less is more, slow is better and I’ve stayed the new course that will – GOD WILLING – have me at my end goal in due time.


  • What’s your end goal?
  • Is what you’re doing today in support of that/those goals?
  • If not, what can you do today to recalculate your life, schedule, boundaries in order to achieve more/better?