If there is one thing I do well it’s feed my body. So when I opted to take a month off of social media I figured why not document just what I mean.

Let’s get one important thing out of the way: does everything I eat need to be organic, “clean?” (by modern societal standards), calculated? Perfection is a personal ideal. According to my standards, which is like a needle that has drifted on a scale over time – perfect means it fits basic criteria: it tastes good, it’s simple to make, it fuels my intentions and it brews more curiosity. It’s a personal code kind of thing. While I used to strive for local and organic produce and still believe this to be the preferred medium for the sake of soil health and the laundry list of environmental considerations, I settle for cost effective and easy to source.

I’d rather be receptive to food than to fight for it. Less stress, ya know?

On this break I set out to do a few very concrete things:

Clear my mind

Heal my heart

Focus my attention

Work on long overdue projects

Be open to surprises (boy oh boy does openness welcome surprises)

Little did I expect is that I’d appreciate being unplugged as much as I do. Little did I know my rather conscious approach to social media and sharing myself as openly as I do only feeds me until it doesn’t. Little did I know you can make conscious choices and still sabotage yourself…stumped!

There has to be a balance between what’s sacred and what’s secret. We can be heavily protected or heavily dishonest so where’s the middle ground?

Self honesty has to come first. So I must pose the question:

Are you being loyal to yourself?

In what ways are you pinching yourself off?

Cutting corners?


Pleasing others before your intentions?

Listening to the noise as opposed to your inner voice?

God it’s SO EASY to do! I’m with you…in order for me to not only listen but heed I have to sit with myself, nourish, get quiet, be honest – which I hope this display of photos captures. Enjoy the compilation! Other daily accoutrement include: listening to podcasts (lots of sex, infidelity and relational research, as well as plant based science, recovery and inspirational healing journeys!), reading, rock climbing, resting, working out, not working out, entertaining family, dog walking and kitty cuddling, quality time with my loves, meetings and client support.

What have you been up to?

(See below for my final thoughts)

The month of December was one big gift I gave to myself. It was busy, confusing, rewarding, humbling, filling, sad, lonely, anger provoking, peaceful – it was the rainbow and I’d have had it no other way. I went through a big cycle and a reevaluation. I still can’t figure out if I decided to change my course or if the course invited me and I followed but something shifted inside of me and it’s been big.

These shifts included:

My approach to eating. I started a raw before 4pm discipline and cooked foods between 4-8pm. After a heavy a month long feast I realized I needed more structure and this resonated so much that I gave it a go – benefits include feeling focused, peaceful and grounded as well as having stellar digestion. Change and flexibility will always be important, no matter the season.

I gave up my afternoon coffee and replaced it with matcha – benefits include a positive energy boost and mental clarity

I started rock climbing with my kids and got back to my traditional yoga roots – I feel more bonded, to them and to myself

I created a God Box which I will devote an entire blog post to – it’s a box where I place my resentments and surrender what’s not in my control

photo family display

This break hasn’t all been about food & body of course – it’s been about recapturing the sacred.

As the month comes to an end I’ll include more thoughts, feelings and reflections here but til then I”ll be drafting my next post. Stick around.