Earths Pull

No matter what – gravity will work its magic on all of us. The earth pulls us in – toward her center – its a beckoning. Heaven and earth are playing a tug of war on us. Let’s participate.

See what a simple cognitive reframe can do? The adage is, “gravity will take its toll,” but if that’s what you believe, that’s what you’ll see. So start your beautiful ascent into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s with great self care practices that reinforce just how smart, devoted, courageous and positive you are.

I wanted to share the few things I do on a consistent basis to show up for my Self. Consistency is key – especially if you’re investing in treatments, machines or products – they need to be used regularly! One treatment will never make an impact like consistent, routine application will. Some of the things I do require a decent investment ($300-$1000) while others like face massage and face yoga are free (and I love these the most). Needless to say, lifestyle factors are the most preventative so take advantage! Get greedy!

First and foremost. Here are the daily, non negotiables.

AVOID: smoking, vaping, drug use, alcohol (1, maybe 2 glass of wine a month – I’m serious! Alcohol ages your skin so fast. If you’re at all vain, and we all are – at least a little, find a healthier alternative to drinking. Your spirit will uplift as a result which will grant you more energy and mental clarity to do the things you love. More vibrance & better sleep for the win). Additionally, avoid people who prey on your weaknesses, know your boundaries and seek friendships and community who reflect your best intentions.

DIET – fruits, vegetables, plant proteins, nuts & seeds in moderation, water, tea, coffee (1-2 cups a day of good quality coffee or espresso – torture isn’t the path to beauty). The most anti inflammatory diet is one devoid of dairy and gluten – both exacerbate inflammation in the gut which causes redness in the skin. Give it 30 days. You’ll see what I mean. If your skin is particularly red, reduce sugar and chocolate too. Red meat, poultry and eggs are really high in saturated fat and contain zero fiber so why not get your protein from sources that boast protein and other nutrients your body loves. Either way, emphasize fresh vibrant colorful foods.

MOVEMENT – walking, swimming, dancing, strength training, yoga, hiking, biking. The less intense cardio the better unless it’s interval training (quick bursts of intensity etc). Over time cardio takes its toll on your joints and an excess of cortisol (stress hormone) encourages the body to store fat, not drop it. Make sense? Focus on muscle tone – lift heavier weights or try isometric exercises using smaller ones.

SPIRIT – light candles, take baths, savor quiet time, carve out connection with people who make you laugh.


⌱ Red light therapy 4-5 x week, increases circulation & reduces inflammation. I use the Omnilux face & neck contour.

⌱ Radio frequency 1-2 x week, stimulates the production of collagen. I use MLAY

⌱ Vitamin C daily, I change the brand every so often. Most good skincare has vitamin C in the blend or you can purchase serum.

⌱ Tretinoin (highest form of retinol – ask your dermatologist), glycolic acid & hyaluronic acid (found in most good quality moisturizers) 5-6 days a week. A strong quality retinol will help reduce fine lines, brighten skin tone and reduce  – if not eliminate – dark spots like hyperpigmentation.

⌱ Cleanse face daily with a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils – no soap – I get my skincare at Sephora and I usually try something new every time I run out – this way my skin doesn’t adapt to any one thing.

DO FACE YOGA & Massage – daily or at least 3x week

⌱ Wear sunscreen – don’t question for a millisecond whether or not you should. Wear it (biggest mistake I made in my 20’s & early 30’s). DAILY

  • There are a lot of non invasive skin treatments like Ultherapy, RF with Microneedling such as Morpheus 8 and Ellacor. I haven’t done any of these but I have gotten one Sculptra treatment which helps the body restore it’s collagen and lasts for years. Visible results take up to 6 months to see so I’ve got a couple months to go.

The rest is shown in the images below just to reinforce what I’ve said above. Did I miss anything?