Once upon a time I said I’d never do this. I told myself and my audience that writing a cookbook would not be a pursuit, not an eventual one, not an imminent one, just not one I’d partake in. Too many cooks in the kitchen ya know? But, really Katie, why? So many delicious recipes, so many fun twists on ordinary food, so many ways to experience vegetables, so many insights into food, our relationship to it, our bodies…

Seven or so years later I suppose I’m asking myself Why Not too? My motive in obtaining my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy was with the understanding that delving into Family & The Psyche meant I was growing both a clinical and compassionate view on the brains’ business in doing what we do. This was KEY, as I understood it, for the ultimate therapeutic journey. If I truly set out to make a difference in how people experienced food and their bodies it had to go beyond the kitchen. Little did I know that it would awaken Therapeutic Eating, but alas, here we are.

I woke up after having hosted several Body Resets and written my first edition of Therapeutic Eating and said to myself, “as much as you want to impact perspective, it’s important that you guide people first with their taste buds. Maybe the more we awaken people’s palettes the better we’ll be able to communicate the deeper messages. Maybe you invite everyone to your own table – MaybeKatie – You could actually write that cookbook after all.”

Initially I felt like we are all guided by templates – not recipes. So when I began exploring the idea of helping people gain kitchen confidence it wasn’t as much about the recipes as it was about ratios. By GOLLY math to this day is not my strong suit but this girl sure does love Chemistry. A little of this, a dash of that, a pinch of this, a splash of that. Balance. Thankfully there is much forgiveness in the kitchen – what better place to cultivate more of it.

Templates, however, are understood over time. Gaining confidence happens once we get our feet wet. So I’m inviting you to sit tight, rev your appetites and get ready. The Therapeutic Eating Cookbook is coming your way this Holiday Season 2021. What can you look forward to? Well – for starters my devoted Body Resetters have gotten a taste already. They received the first copy this past August Reset and from there I’ve been adding to it.

Here are a few all original curations in the line up to get you all frothy…

Green grape sorbet

Air fryer Asian style garlic eggplant

Universal Detox Soup

Curried Roasted peanuts 

Overnight Oats n Chia 

Berry Oatcakes with Maple Sunbutter Sauce

Pureed Beet Soup with Cashew Yogurt 

Cashew Key Lime Ice Cream

Twice baked potatoes in crispy air fried potato skins

Okinawan  gnocchi 

Vegan Veggie Lasagne (gluten free)

Matcha Popsicles 

And these are additions to what already lies in the Therapeutic Eating Program: Katie’s Brahawaiian Black Bean Soup, Key Lime Bites with Passion Fruit Honey and Mint, Katie’s gf Beet Burgers, Matcha-chia Mango Pudding, Miso Tomato Soup, Za’atar Tofu, Whimsilkal Chocolate Silk Pie…AND MORE.

So it’s certainly fair to say – I’m pleased to announce that we’re taking our relationship to the next level because this is a journey after all and it doesn’t end in the kitchen (but it may as well start there!).

Stay tuned my dear. XO