I don’t want to make generalizations here but I do wish to debunk some of the bigger assumptions we make when it comes to our hunger.

  1. We assume hunger is a pang in our belly.
  2. We assume hunger is a drive for food.
  3. We assume hunger is a concrete space we fill until it wears off and it’s time to feed it again.
  4. We assume we’re hungry. And we are.

For those of you who have been on this journey with me long enough, you’re well aware that the therapeutic path is armored with conscious choice making. Additionally, how we nourish ourselves is but one essential step toward a better relationship with the One and only you. Deepening self dialogue begins with:

What am I hungry for?

…But what, really?

Am I fed by nature? Which elements _____.

Am I fed in my relationships? By whom and am I satisfied?

Am I comfortable? Where am I making unnecessarily painful concessions?

What subtle cues do I ignore?

Eating is a biological need with psychological implications that muddy our path if we don’t clear the way daily. What happened yesterday, with whom and where will impact the decisions we rely on to inform our bodies on how to navigate our lives.

This coming May we’ll be exploring our inner selves, our core essence, intimacy, ritual setting, breath and nature.

We’re going beyond the food and targeting our desires. When we know what we desire, what we eat becomes more clear.

So what do you really want? In other words: what is your intention for your body? In what ways do you feed yourself that you know interfere with your intentions but are fearful of doing anything about? To re-member ourselves, to re-assemble, to organize ourselves accordingly means we have to take center stage. When we’re put first, we work through our bodies & address our daily actions which are 100% dependent on the thoughts we think. The average person has about 12,000 to 60,00 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before and about 80% negative (National Science Foundation).

The plethora of food you’ll be choosing from on the May Reset will be laid out *with recipes so you’ll know what to choose at each juncture while preparing your day with better thoughts.

Are you ready to put yourself first? Are you ready to pause for 10 days, clear the clutter and prioritize the desires?

I believe you are.