I don’t know about you – but I prefer eating my food as oppose to drinking it. Smoothies are amazing powerhouses, especially with the addition of supplements like Body Blend, but they’re certainly not the holy grail of excellent nutrition – excellent nutrition is!

Here’s one (fun!) way you can incorporate Body Blend into your day. I particularly love enjoying these with my morning tea. They’re sweet and soft and a really nice mouthful, lol.


1 cup of Body Blend
1 cup of tahini
1/2 cup Keto Maple Syrup such as Birch Benders or Lakanto (found at Whole Foods or your Natural Grocer)

Blend into a ball of dough using a Cuinsart or a similar food processor. The dough might appear un-uniform but when you make the balls they’ll form nicely. Grab by the handful or use a golf ball size ice cream scoop and press/roll into a ball until all the “batter” is used. Keep stored in the fridge.

Did you know you can customize Body Blend? Let’s say you don’t want Spirulina or Functional Mushrooms – I can omit those and prepare a Body Blend that’s just right for you:

Strawberry Smoothie: Body Blend (spirulina omitted), frozen strawberries, dates, rice milk – blended


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