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The Body Reset

I want to take a special moment to pay homage to the personal quest.

The one we can only go on when we make uncomfortable changes.

The one we can only learn from through peeling back the cozy blankets.

The one we can only discover any real truth about ourselves by facing our resistances.

…And we are SO resistant.

Day 4 – Roasted Cabbage with Olive Oil & Sea Salt – 400 degrees, 40 minutes.

This is a place I call home. What’s most beneficial about the Body Reset? Observing what happens when we’re off the Reset. It’s a beautiful – sometimes confusing – truth baring process. Come home, leave home, come home, leave home. Why? Because it’s only away from home – that sweet peaceful place within yourself – that you can appreciate once you leave and come back. We’re so afraid of this, no? Of getting out of those cozy warm places.

Take surfing for example. I really want to start back up. I’ve been telling people. I’m going to get out there, found myself a board, a crew of coaches….equally so I’m wrought with resistance. I don’t want to get cold. I don’t want to get wet. I don’t want to get injured. I don’t want to leave land. I don’t want, don’t want, don’t want. Guess what though? The reticular access (RI) in the back of the brain above the spinal cord doesn’t hear, “no” and “don’t.” All it hears is – ‘Oh? sounds like she wants all of these things on her list, let’s give it to her.’ And guess what else? Years pass and I never start surfing and I wonder why it is I feel dissatisfied. For example, rather than focus on what I don’t want (which is the only way to know what it is I do want – so in essence it’s beneficial awareness), I could think about all the reasons I want to start surfing and all the reasons I brought the exercise to my bucket list in the first place. After all, the RI is our magnetizing agent. Because I want to try something new, because I want adventure, because I want to float, because I think it’ll be good for my spirit, because it’ll help me strengthen new muscles, because I live in fucking Hawaii! And all of a sudden, my anxiety lessens, my readiness is amped, my eagerness revs and my plans get made.

When we focus on what we don’t want we get more of what we don’t want. I hope that makes sense. Anyone who gets the basic law of attraction will understand. This correlates to the Body Reset and bodies in general because: when we focus on all the aspects of ourselves we don’t want or don’t like rather than what we do want and anticipate liking (even if we’re not particularly keen on them now) we begin the manifestation process. Example, I want clarity, I want peace, I want mobility, I want flexibility, I want newness, adventure, belonging…I want control, I want thinness, I want looser clothing, I want clear skin, I want joy, I want detachment. You could write a list like this for literally anything you want. The more resistance we have, the harder these lists will be to make which is why weight loss and physical/mental clarity is an EXCELLENT place to start when working toward a goal. Why? Because when you start with yourself and see how you transform (because we are so damn resilient) the mind altering transformations speak for themselves. Want more money? A new relationship? A better dynamic with your children? To travel? The moral —> what you want matters, stop skirting around it. And if what you want is vain (bigger boobs, smaller nose, tighter ass) so be it! This is what makes Therapeutic Eating so unique (if I do say so myself) because I promise you all the things you desire have a deep & meaningful purpose and all is warranted. Sure, self love is the root of happiness and fulfillment, doesn’t mean I regret getting a nose job in 2014. Getting rid of the dorsal hump on my nose made me very very very happy. So vain. Still no regrets.

When you focus on what you do want (and literally stop repeating what it is you don’t want) your choices begin to reflect that. You start reaching for the things that bring you closer to your said goals and stop over extending for the things that keep you in pain, disconnect and remorse. ↓

10 days isn’t a week, it isn’t 2. It isn’t 21 days or a month. It’s certainly not a year. It’s not a life long commitment. It’s not a 3 day spurt. I’m not sure why 10 is the magic number but it’s incredibly effective because it is what it is and isn’t anything else. Not too short and definitely not too long. 10 days is EFFECTIVE. By day 3 the honeymoon is over. Day 5 you’re in it – over the hump. Day 7, a bit itchy (metaphorically). Day 8 – ready but reflective and peaceful. By day 10 it’s over and the feels are abound. The 10 day Body Reset is a metaphor in motion. An act of kindness. A respite from the world. Here, lemme offer you some random reflections from this past February Body Reset (it was so juicy!):

Anon 1 – 6 lbs down and now averse to dairy. General surprise.

Anon 2 – 7 lbs down and so close to the goal – breaking up with scale addiction, the less I weigh myself, the better I am.

Anon 3 – 9 lbs down, over the moon, less irritable, more calm, committed to feeling good and mental clarity over immediate and temporary satisfaction.

Anon 4 – 11 lbs down (!!), mentally crisp, energized – the zoom recordings were SO beneficial

Day 9 – Banana Pepper, Tapenade, Parsley, Mustard

Why are the Resets Quarterly?

So humans are cyclical like the seasons.

We regenerate like plants.

We have instincts like animals.

We naturally protect our young, our possessions, our selves.

We’re so damn interesting.

Quarterly because 40 days out of 365 (10 days x4 Resets) I believe I owe it to myself and others to pull back, be reflective, calm down, react less, cultivate more, look deeper, manifest more, change self destructive habits, ease digestion, remind myself – change is not only possible its integral and it starts with me. Because sameness is dangerous. Because I know I can do hard things. Because 10 days is just over a week and less than 2 and because the most I’m doing is rocking my own boat only to create a ripple of behavioral change in a sea of vulnerable water. Because. Because I don’t need to abide by societal expectations or norms that have me thinking along similar linear lines. Because. Why the fuck not.

After days 1&2 – low sugar fruits are a sweet reprieve. Iced coffee can be a treat too.

In truth. It’s not that hard. What’s hard is our opinions of ourselves the rigidity of our egos and the attachments to our habitual ways. It’s not hard to eat soup, make salads and roast salmon. It’s not hard to fill a bowl with berries and drizzle it with honey. It’s not hard to make coffee more functional because the way we typically drink it is overly acidic. It’s not hard. We’re hard. Hardwired. Hard pressed.

Any day – a melange of veggies, foundational soup.

So I ask you – just like I ask myself. Why not? I’ve survived 100% of my hardest days, why can’t I impose 10 days of sincere love on myself when it’s limiting yes, but not of the finer things, not of the essential things. I’m not starving and in fact when I look at my hunger through a refined lens I sure as shit find myself hungry for things other than food itself. Adventure, intimacy, affection, fun, proximity, warmth. The list just kinda goes.

Okay so some days are harder than others. We don’t love giving up the highs for fear of the lows without them. We’re all a bit addicted… aren’t we? We certainly find it easy to justify dropping the booze for chocolate cake because…well because….because society says so!?…which is a pretty lame reason. So when all the vices go we’re left to wonder. Hm. Who am I when I’m not getting high?

And that’s all. That’s The Body Reset. An Elimination experience. A time out. Because I figured one day after too much tequila and frosting that for fucks sake, I need to hold myself to a higher standard. So I did. And I decided to invite you along too.

Xo – Katie

Need to reboot from the reset – I get it! I offer this anytime but I personally do it about midway between the resets. Feel free to inquire within and I’ll let you know the date.