The next Body Reset is scheduled for November 1!

Hey hey!

3 months to the day!

When I did my first body reset I thought to myself – dang I feel good – I should do this quarterly. Then boom. Here I am planning for my next reset not because I feel anything less than spectacular, but because I feel spectacular and I have my last reset to THANK for that! I wish I could express the kind of feel good juju streaming through my body; the last reboot infiltrated into my life a clear sense of drive and clarity and motivation and…look at me gooooo!

I want EVERYONE to have this. Why? Because I want you to feel good: In. Your. Body. That’s right. I believe 1,000,000% that if you can feel delicious in your body you will make delicious improvements in your life going forward. The inextricably linked mind/body connected is responsible for the entirety of how we move through our lives and the direction we want our lives to be heading. Clarity takes clearing-the-way. The gut/brain axis needs decluttering from time to time so whether or not you’ve got pounds to lose or organs to detoxify (um, most of us do…just from daily life, even if you eat a primarily “clean” whole plant foods diet) our bodies deserve a welcome break from the daily grind. That is – a nourishing load of comforting and cleansing foods, detoxifying micro-nutrients and lots and lots of rest!

If you joined me on the last reset you learned that having a few staple meals on hand truly helped paved the way. Those were:

  • A grounding base of soup, made in LARGE quantities so anytime hunger came a’knocking, you were fed! Right then and there.
  • Raw veggies, sprouts, olive oil and flax seed – for satisfying that need for crunch, texture and healthy fats
  • Chlorella Water to aid in the sloughing process and renewal of cells
  • Intermittent protein days to ensure you got your full amino acid profile met
  • Low sugar, water packed fruits for those days after you had cleansed your body of all sugar (boy do most of us need this!)
  • Lastly, that delicious morning ritual that CANNOT be denied. Coffee or tea whatever is yo’ steez


It was so simple – maybe not easy on all days – but so simple. Nothing crazy expensive or time consuming. In fact, the break you took from making most meals and having to sort out what you were going to eat for breakfast or dinner was solved just like that! And whenever cravings came crashing in you reminded yourself that “this too shall pass” and you would wake up the following day more refreshed.

Reboots are enlivening and inspiring.

As you mentally prepare, I ask you this: What are those few things that creep into your day to day life that you know you consume excessively? Even if they’re not food based – they could be social media scrolling or political television or “that friend” who you have a hard time setting boundaries with. It could be anything. If it is food, even the healthier of foods like dark chocolate or nut butters that come in regular doses and get overdone from time to time. Think about it. We all mindlessly consume stuff ALL the live long day. We need breaks. Those breaks can cause BREAKTHROUGHS. Not because anything is inherently bad but because we’re human and we’re sensitive.

This is one positive foot forward we can take in:

  1. cultivating gut consciousness – an integral step in my Therapeutic Eating program
  2. self awareness – another integral step to healing

What we don’t know we can’t heal.

Isn’t that beautiful?

And what we can’t heal we often leave suppressed in the brain which unconsciously takes charge of our lives. So while I can’t claim that this 10 day reset will heal your life in entirety it just MAY set the stage for future actions that make major waves. That’s the power of food. Truly. And I want to support you in that! Self disclosure: I am now embarking on a kind of therapy called Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) which is helping to initiate neuroplasticity and bring about areas of my brain that have been suppressed large in part due to trauma. This may not have happened if I wasn’t energetically ready. Just an example….

So save the date! Message me to hold your spot. I can take 15 people MAX because I’m supporting each and every one of you both in a group setting (zoom) and individual text support.

Want to know what you can expect & commit to?

5 group zoom calls, 1 before the reset begins on Saturday 10/31 and 4 every other day: 11/2, 11/4, 11/6 & 11/8. These will be set for 25 minutes. Brief bursts of Inspo and Q&A.

Daily text check in!

Supplying yourself with sufficient ingredients to make soup and roughly 30 minutes to prepare it

Detox water which you can make yourself or purchase HERE

See below for a quick review!

10-Day Body Reset with Katie Trussell
10-Day Body Reset with Katie Trussell

So the above example 👆🏼 is a true (beautiful) human example that this reset is also designed to support you in whatever way you feel is in MOST integrity for your process. I set out *not to obligate you in anyway but to support you in a way you know you can sustain and maintain accountability to. Make sense? If not send me a message!

P.S. I thought I was going to work out my whole Reset and only ended up exercising about 3 of the days because the body is hard wired to conserve energy. I still lost weight. I invite all participants to take their work outs down a few notches and focus on gentle yoga, long walks and spending more time in nature

Big hugs and Aloha from HAWAII!