The August Reset is complete. It’s wiggle time. So what does that mean?

Each quarter I design these resets based off of the previous one – what worked, what didn’t, what could use refining. I don’t simply change them based on the “hard” days because quite frankly, cleansing is hard. Living without vices is hard.

The August Reset protocol was very likened to what I eat in my day to day life – which I loved – and part of me wondered if I could have challenged myself more. Could I have done better?

To say “we’re so hard on ourselves” is practically cliche. If I wasn’t hard on myself how would I grow? “Don’t beat yourself up,” may be more accurate – but who’s doing the beating (for lack of better metaphors)? It’s not usually ourselves but the record of voices we play repeatedly in our minds without discernment. I am fortunate to have had parents who always wanted me to be better despite my craving for their understanding. Maybe I didn’t get what I wanted but I got what made me who I am today. That has to be enough.

Eating comes with challenges. The Good is the part where we savor new insights, rile parts of our quieted intuition and evoke motivation to change. The Bad is the part where we want to throw up our hands, say fuck it or actually relent to the bag of chips – not because chips carry moral value but because we grant power to the salty manufactured crunch as opposed to the patience it may take to roast some damn carrots in olive oil and spices. The Bad is also the part where we judge, berate and criticize the development of something better because we can’t-yet-see-the-progress but don’t yet-grasp-the-truth-that-we-have-to-believe-it-first. The Constant is the part where this shit doesn’t stop. Sorry. Maybe that’s also the Bad – but it’s also the Good. This journey doesn’t end in 10 days – it’s simply the beginning of an ongoing dialogue with ourselves. One year later and we’ve established that Therapeutic Eating is a Journey.

Of all the people who have joined me on the Resets and taken the time to grasp Therapeutic Eating very few people have ACTUALLY embraced it, thought critically about it and said – well hot damn Katie, I hear you, I’m listening, this is groundbreaking. So few. Well guess what? I live for those few. This work is hard for a reason. You’re hard. I’m hard. We’re hard wired. But we’re also here to change because change is constant and we’re never done.

So that is all. The good, the bad, the constant. It’s about the weighted messages we carry. It’s about losing the parts of ourselves that drag us down, gaining new insights and self knowledge that help us make not just better choices but profoundly healing choices, choices that create ripples of behavioral change. It’s about you being happy with yourself not just when you’re “done” but when you’re “doing and being” part of that exchange. Who knew it would start with 2 days of soup…

xo Katie