Therapeutic Eating program


Therapeutic Eating teaches us to align our Intentions with our Actions.  We learn how to navigate using our compass-ion and commit to feeling good – knowing there’s no greater way of attracting what it is that we want. Therapeutic Eating is a map. By using this map we cultivate what I call gut consciousness.

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Therapeutic Eating is the fusion of the therapeutic process and intuitive eating. My program is a four week process of walking you through your narrative, your multigenerational story line, your sense of agency and a lot of my personal self disclosure! Therapeutic eating is a deeply personal process. To assume anyone’s eating can and should look like anyone else’s is where we typically get stuck in a cycle of dieting which is further from healing which is further from intuitive. Therefore you won’t walk away from this process eating more like me, or more like your neighbor or more like a celebrity – you’ll be eating and nurturing yourself in new and exciting ways just the way your body guides you to. And yes – you can come here to lose weight, to continue your eating disorder recovery, to learn forgiveness, to implement it into your preexisting recovery – or simply just to learn about the TE process. This is all about behavioral change. This program is best suited for the person who is self motivated and wants to go through their process independently. If you find you’re someone who needs more guidance, more support or you’re someone deeply invested in this process of self discovery and want to take the TE program to the deepest level, consider the Full Integration and work with me for 6 additional weeks of coaching.



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