Therapeutic Eating Full Integration


Therapeutic Eating Full Integration- Includes the 4 week TE program + 6 additional weekly 50 minute calls for a total of 10 sessions.

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Therapeutic Eating is the fusion of the therapeutic process and intuitive eating. To assume we all know and understand what it means to eat intuitively is false and misguided advice. The reason most people end up being told to eat intuitively is because they don’t have a clear connection to their intuition. The simple answer would be to tell them to do just that: eat intuitively. But intuitive eating requires – first and foremost – establishing trust. Which also begs the question, when was that trust lost? The thing is, we will constantly bounce between diets if we don’t get to the root of the root of the root of = our Selves. Which can be a scary journey. Which is also where I come in. I’ve created Therapeutic Eating to help you and your loved ones explore the root of yourselves so that you can reestablish trust and enjoy the beauty of food and your body once and for all. And *best of all, to finally accept that you are sensitive and that’s a good thing! Avoidance is what keeps us stuck in the cycle of dieting. So let’s end that now, today, through this process, and together.

The full integration includes the 4 week Therapeutic Eating program + 6 Individualized 60 minute coaching sessions. Those can be used for private yoga, virtual food preparation and guidance, health coaching, processing chapters of the program or simply for supporting your needs. It’s your program at the end of the day, it will unravel organically.

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