The Body Reset


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Welcome to the Summer into Fall body love movement! Let’s renew, restore, rejuvenate and clear our mental and emotional lenses with Therapeutic Eating’s 10 day Reset! I’m so glad you’re here.

Available on backorder


The Body Reset is a permission slip. An opportunity for you pause from everyday life. Food over time, rather than medicine, becomes habitual and addictive when in truth food is here above all for our nourishment and self awareness. There is so much meaning in our hunger. Lets deep dive together – redefine our relationship to our bodies and pave a path forward filled with intention & action. A thriving body and mind work in tandem – this 10 days will put the ball in motion and teach you invaluable lessons about yourself, your desires, your relationship to food and your behavior. I’ve mindfully organized and woven this experience with intention so you feel strengthened, challenged and rejuvenated. I provide you will a plethora of clean and simple recipes that are so fun to make and eat you might just see yourself preparing these foods after the reset is over.

What can you expect from the 10 days?

The body reset is designed to help you reorient your food choices so you can more fully participate in your body’s healing & regeneration. I provide you with an extensive list of food options from plant based proteins to a long list of fruits and vegetables, starches, cleaning meals & supplements. There are very few restrictions! Let’s Redefine our Hunger – This looks like:

  • daily meal tutorials – New foods you’ll be incorporating each day of your Reset (and why!)
  • increasing know-how around wholesome food & making new and improved choices in nourishment
  • journaling & a homework checklist
  • daily meditations
  • daily homework Self Care Check List
  • explore desires & unravel the emotional connection to food so that you can move beyond impulsive decision making
  • learn to REALLY satisfy your cravings in a healthy, wholesome and feel good way

Please feel free to contact me individually for support during your reset. I offer 1:1 and small group rates. I will send you daily text messages and offer every-other-day zoom meetings to ensure your Reset goes smoothly and you get the extra support you need & crave.

Additional costs:

After completion of the Body Reset you are invited to join the Therapeutic Eating Community of Friends & Followers who wish to receive support between resets:


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