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As therapists – I believe it’s always been our 💯 due diligence to never overlook the power of:

1. Sleep – regular sound, deep, REM

2. Sound food choices 🥬

3. Monthly menstrual flow

4. Daily sun exposure or a top-notch vitamin D3 supplement

5. Daily movement & ritual

6. Consistent shameless sex &/or self pleasure 🌹

7. Along with unabashed validation of feelings

Which makes “us therapists,” in truth, Health Coaches & Functional-Medicine Practitioners. This is the beauty of modern day healing. Talk therapy is vital for deep trauma – but can never overshadow the essence of ones day to day habits. Ones habitual nature always shines thru the story, especially the one on repeat.

Those who rock the health scene advocating for long term wellness are those coming from all angles – the multigenerational and systemic lens – as well as those who press for the responsibility clients must take in their lives, for each foot forward, for ownership of their own bodies. I am both clinically trained and walk my own talk. I want to hear your story and also see it in action. I want to help you take greater residence in your body.

This is healing. Make a beautiful mess of yourself. It’s the only way.

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