Few obsessions are actually healthy but let’s be honest – most of us obsess about something and once we’re done obsessing about one thing, we obsess about another. Alcohol addiction becomes addiction to carbonated water. Cigarette addiction becomes addiction to lollipops. Food addiction becomes addiction to diets (we misplace God for Vegan cheese, that kinda thing). Work addiction becomes addiction to productivity which becomes addiction to guilt. We naturally put things – people too – on pedestals. It’s our human way. How do we actually nip anything in the bud?

I don’t believe we do…

The thing is – obsessing, quite possibly, is healthy. Imagine that. Alcoholics are REALLY GOOD at drinking alcohol and finding ways to drink it. Am I wrong? The reversal would be an alcoholic becoming REALLY GOOD at finding an alternative, going to meetings, addressing their trauma and establishing boundaries. Without obsessions we’d never become good at anything or have the self awareness to get ourselves out of a rut – we’d have no legs to stand on.

Before I talk myself into a circle – let’s obsess about this together: Behavior Change. Yes! I’m totally obsessed with shifting my behavior without totally sacrificing my personality. It’s amazing. One day I’m doing one thing and 10 days later I’m like, girl – maybe you wanna rethink that?

But how would we know unless we rocked our own boat? Life comes in and tries to give us signals, warning signs and red flags. Be it indigestion, acne, dark under eye circles, relationship chaos…. we squeeze in and out of our clothes depending on seasons, who’s bothering us, where we’ve traveled, what holiday it is – and just BECAUSE. Maybe nothing stays the same but why can’t our pant size? Why? I’m not saying let’s squeeze ourselves into unrealistic media driven ideals. I’m saying, let’s feel as good as we can – more or less as much as possible and if that means fitting into our jeans then so be it.

(told you I wasn’t your typical raging diet culture victim – I totally believe you can have it all). 

In fact, oscillating 10-20 lbs – aka yo yo dieting has proven to be so detrimental to our health that it increases our risk of heart disease – especially in women! The gain/lose merry go round can be incessant so I offer you an opportunity – rather than diet – to explore the reasons you eat, take a break from trigger foods, detoxify the brain’s soft wiring and get excited to shift some things for good. The Body Reset happens 4x a year, not once, not twice, not out of guilt or obligation, but out of personal responsibility.

I’ll tell you right here and now there are a few things I always enjoy reflecting on:

  1. my consumption & eating habits
  2. my craving for excess = “it’s never enough” mentality
  3. my self talk

Here, now you go:

  1. ___
  2. ___
  3. ___
(we do this a lot in our group resets btw)

Before doing my first Body Reset I tried desperately to figure out what food sensitivities were causing my hormonal acne. Even after microbiome home tests like VIOME and muscle testing with dousing rods I never felt confident. I blamed coffee for a number of years assuming my inflamed skin was all elevated cortisol levels and mycotoxins. I had, or so I thought, removed the major allergens from my diet: gluten, dairy & sugar. For 20+ years I was breaking out and no amount of benzoyl peroxide or expensive skin care regimen would stop the incessant eruptions.

Then –

One day I intentionally created the Body Reset and threw myself into the fire. I came out of the 10 days with clearer skin, loose clothing and questioning the kinds of food choices I was making – even the healthy ones! The real experiment happened when I started consuming foods I was eating before the reset: nut butters, vegan cheese, red wine. Back came the pimples and glory-be-to-god my body was telling me something I could finally understand!! When do we ever have this kind of opportunity? It wasn’t until the subsequent Body Resets that the clarity actually made an impression – I am in control and I have the power to choose every day how I live in my body. Gone are the nut butters and headache inducing sulfite laden wines and I live my days with peace of mind (and clear skin). Does this mean I’m done? NO freakin way. Not to mention, what I discover in my body will be SO different from what you discover in yours.

We are walking targets for toxins & chemicals and let’s be real here – I find it utmost Therapeutic to lose ourselves every once in a while. To have a martini, to eat dessert, to go out for ice cream, to mindlessly nibble – I’m not kidding. While it’s best practice to catch ourselves in a downward spiral, variety – is the spice of life. I don’t believe there’s anything more crazy-making than assuming our lives should look like a flower garden 24/7. We can try, but we’ll die trying.

Thus…my interlude. The February Body Reset. A moment of clarity. A 10 day respite. A gift you give to your body, mind & soul – which sounds so fucking cliche, ew – but it truly is. 10 days when you eliminate (key word) all allergens and cleanse the body with wholesome foods and ritual. 10 days where you eat – but eat intentionally. 10 days where you honor and anticipate your blessed down time.

10 days of:

  1. homemade soup chock full of vegetables, lovingly prepared with whatever spices and herbs make your heart happy with absolutely no rhyme or reason or portioning. Eat as much as you like.
  2. raw salads dressed with olive oil, flax meal, sea salt & nutritional yeast – whenever and as a supplement to the soup
  3. miso or bone broth whenever you have a hankering and need to feel deeply nourished
  4. seaweed – add to soup or broth for micronutrients and a different flavor profile
  5. low glycemic fruits – after you’ve cleansed the body of all sugar (fruit starts day 3)
  6. coffee/tea every morning loaded with your favorite things be it coconut cream, raw honey, collagen peptides, functional mushrooms etc – make it your own and make sure you look forward to indulging in it – making sure your candles and journal are handy.
  7. intermittent protein days 3, 6 & 10 – where you feed your body a full amino acid profile so as not to experience muscle wasting
  8. you receive daily text messages from me and every other day zoom calls to check in with the quarterly group
  9. the cost if $45 and free for every subsequent reset when you invite 2+ friends

So this is one of many and many more to come. Resets you can rely on. Resets you can anticipate. Resets to help wake you up. Resets to challenge you. Resets to bring your true self to the table. Resets to change your subsequent days and enliven intuitive prowess. I’m so excited for us – it’s a divine tandem – this body we’re so fortunate to live inside. Let’s honor her/him.

With love & a l o h a –